Why Keywords Matter for SEO? 1

Why Keywords Matter for SEO?

One of the very first tip which you will get as starter in the world of Blogging or websites is to learn SEO. And the very first thing which you should learn is Keyword research. Have you ever thought why Keywords matters this much in SEO? Is it that important or we can”t blog without SEO knowledge? Lets dive into the world of more SEO stories and learn about key-words.

Keywords are the words and phrases that describe the subject of your article. You need to learn how to use keywords properly for two reasons: (1) in the world of online publishing, keywords determine whether readers will find your article; and (2) to a large extent, keywords determine how much money you will make.

3 Reasons why Keywords is important for you:

Keywords Determine Searchability

Once your article has been published, search engines like Google break it down into words and phrases, each one becoming a separate search term. The search engine then lists your article in its index, noting the location within the article where each search term occurs.

Why Keywords Matter for SEO?

When someone uses a search engine to find specific information, the search engine looks through its index to find the web pages that are most relevant to the search query. The more specific your keyword phrases are, the better the search engine can match what you have written with what readers are searching for, and the greater the chances your article will be read.

Keywords Determine Revenue

Google AdSense displays a wide range of contextual advertising on each article page. The keyword phrases you have used throughout your article determine what ads will be displayed. The more relevant the ads are to your article’s content, the more chances readers will click on them, and the more chances you have of making money.

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What Makes a Good Keyword

Why Keywords Matter for SEO?

Most people who use search engines to find something use more than just one or two words in their search queries. In fact, most searchers know that using phrases of three or more words will refine their search results significantly. For example, someone looking for a recipe for a pear tart would likely enter a search query like “pear tart recipe,” not “pears” or even “tart recipe.”

Therefore, the key to choosing good keywords is finding phrases that are:

  • relevant to the article you are about to write
  • frequently used as search queries by your potential readers

Once you find the keyword phrases that fit these criteria, you can write your article in a manner that emphasizes them. Doing so will help to increase the number of readers who find your article, which in turn will help to increase your revenue. So if you have been thinking why Keyword research is important, I hope you got an insight on the same and next time you will do research before writing blog post.

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I hope this answered all your basic queries regarding Keywords, and why it matters so much in online marketing. If you still have any query, feel free to ask via comments.

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Why Keywords Matter for SEO?
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