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As a blogger we all start with writing what we have in mind, and we don’t care about things like Post tile, description and ends up writing a cutting edge article. Before you pat yourself, ask how the users are going to find you. How do you seek answers to your questions? I usually go to Google and type my query to find an answer. You are no different and probably doing the same thing. Is int it?

The difference between a newbie blogger and an experienced blogger is smartness. Both of them write the same content, but the difference is experienced blogger optimise their article for the people who are searching for it.

Keyword research is the first step that come into the mind of every internet marketer while he is on the process of creating a website. Keyword research seems to be very easy, but it’s not actually though. Searching for proper and correct keywords for your website is very important because it’s the keywords which will bring traffic to your website. I would recommend using google keyword tool for searching valuable keywords. There are other tools in the market too but google keyword tool is the best free tool among all these.

Why Keyword Research Is The First Step To Successful Blog

Here I’m going to mention the process through which you should carry your keyword research process..

Why Keyword Research Is The First Step To Successful Blog

How Keyword Research Works and why it’s important for you

Creating a list

Select the niche which you want to target and go to google keyword planner tool and search for the high paying and low competitive keywords. Make a list of such keywords. Keep in mind the keyword you are selecting should have at least 1000+ searches per month. In addition to the global exact searches, CPC of the keywords should be more than $1 if you are using AdSense to monetise your blog.

Remove the unwanted keywords – Google keyword tool sometime results out some misspelled keywords as well as some keyword which do not make sense. Remove these keywords from your list.

Check the Competition of keywords

Search your selecting keywords in the google and analyse the top 5 website. You can analyze them according to the page rank they have. More page rank of the website, harder to defeat them.

Creating long tail keywords –

Select the high paying and high searched keywords and make a long tail keywords of them. This is the ultimate way to get little traffic to your websites, from those long tail keywords obviously.  For ex – If you have keyword “teeth ache”, you can create long tail keywords like “How to tackle teeth ache” or “How to cure teeth ache” etc. More over with new Google Instant search feature, long tail keywords are more effective.

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Attack the keywords –

Write high quality articles on the keywords. Your keyword density in the article should be somewhere between 1-2% with LSI Keywords.. Don’t over stuff your articles with lots of keywords, it seems kind of spam in Google’s  eye (keyword stuffing).

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Do let us know if you use any keyword research software to find the best keyword for your next blog post?

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Why Keyword Research Is The First Step To Successful Blog
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