Why Google Bots Are Not Crawling/Indexing Your Blog Posts 1

Why Google Bots Are Not Crawling/Indexing Your Blog Posts

If you know how search engine bots work, crawling and indexing will sound familiar to you. If not, let me explain.

First of all, Google does not provide any guarantees or promises that they will crawl or index your website.

You must keep maintaining your blog’s content to enter into Google’s awareness. Google has a limited amount of resources to crawl, index, and rank your site, and it has to treat each site differently with regards to information and popularity.

Understanding Search Engine Bots: Crawling and Indexing

What is Crawling?

Why Google Bots Are Not Crawling/Indexing Your Blog Posts

Google spiders will crawl” your site when you post something.

It may not happen instantly because this process is based on a lot of factors. Google does not have any human workers for crawling sites; everything is done with a computer algorithm.

So it must consider ranking metrics such as Page Rank, number of backlinks, etc. before crawling. One thing you can do for faster crawling is generate a sitemap. But Google will not crawl you just because you have a sitemap. Sitemaps will only let the Google know about your site’s contents.

Bonus tip: Put your sitemap link in the footer of your blog. This will ensure that Google bots will actually follow your sitemap.

What is Indexing?

After your content gets crawled, it may be indexed. Before indexing, Google wants to make sure that your content is worth it. Sometimes, Google will not index you because they feel your content is not worthy enough.

Some reasons for not indexing are:

  • Internal content duplication
  • External content duplication
  • Weak content

Make sure your content is strong and not copied from any existing content.

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How Long Does Google Take For Indexing?

It varies.

It depends on how your content is interlinked and how often you update your site’s content. For new sites, it can take weeks, or even months, for indexing.

How To Get Indexed Faster in Google Search?

The best thing to do is take a big, long breath and be patient.

Google will rate your blog according to your updating frequency, number of backlinks, etc.

For older blogs, if you are still facing an indexing problem, make sure you do not have internal or external content duplication.

And do not rely on sitemaps. They are optional. Make sure all of the content can be searched via normal links.


Do let us know how long it takes for Google bots to crawl and index your blog. Have you been facing indexing issues lately? Share your experience in the comments below!

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Why Google Bots Are Not Crawling/Indexing Your Blog Posts
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