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Traffic is the most desired thing that unites all bloggers, whether beginner or expert. But the question is : which kind of articles should you write in order to get a high number of backlinks and increase traffic to your blog?

Questions like this are a classic in the daily work of a blog writer and owner : the vastness of the web and the overabundance of content in it produce a cut-throat competition, ensuring that only the most interesting and noteworthy content can generate a significant traffic. Therefore, you can take inspiration from these different ways to receive traffic, backlinks and online visibility : provided, of course, that you follow the correct rules.

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Content which drives traffic and Backlinks:

1. Increase Blog Traffic with Collection of Resources

Articles that fall into this category require two essential ingredients: a good portion of time available for their preparation and a watchful eye to the quality of what is proposed.

What Kind of Content Drive Traffic and Natural Backlinks

It is, as a rule, a post that collect a number of resources of the same kind, like services, tools or online applications, with corresponding links where you can download them.

See for istance :

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2. Articles with Collection of Tips

Everyone need new tips on how to make certain things :  tricks used to improve a particular activity, in order to optimize their work etc.

Every person has special knowledge in different fields and writing articles where you give useful suggestions always attracts a lot of traffic. They are also much appreciated by webmasters, who consequently backlink to these posts.

You can write about your niche, like WordPress, Technology or SEO, for example.

See some articles that provides tips on how to do certain things:

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3. Post with One Trick, but Well Explained

It is not always mandatory to build collections with many tricks and publish them in a single post, with the aim of attracting huge amount of traffic.

Often it is enough to focus on a single topic, and reveal a single trick or advice. If it is a post about a new and still not known subject, which responds to the interests of visitors, may generate significant traffic.

It is important to widely explain the topic and give as many details as possible, since it is only one advice.


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4. Write Guides or Tutorials on a Given Topic

A guide or tutorial on a given topic is always much appreciated by your audience. Readers, even the most enterprising, generally do not have time or inclination to rack their brains in order to understand how the latest technology works.

A detailed explanation will certainly be the pleasure of every “lazy” reader and web surfer!

These guides are also very popular between webmasters, which will be very happy to link to your article, that explains step by step how to make a complicated geek thing.

Example :

  • – Step by Step Guide to Install Self Hosted WordPress Blog on Dreamhost Hosting Service .

What Kind of Content Drive Traffic and Natural Backlinks

5. Inform About the Latest News

Being first in a particular news is difficult, very difficult indeed. But it is easy remember how important is to get noticed and receive huge traffic in the vast sea of blogosphere. May be you have found a good news to report, but your blog is not popular and known only to few readers. It ‘s then important that once you made the scoop, you will you report them on the major social networks and blogs that deal with the same niche.

You can Google Submit tip “Niche”, to find blogs which accept tips. This will help you to earn free backlink, and traffic to your Website.

6. Offer YOUR Opinion on a Particular Topic

Easier said than done.

Each of you have your own point of view and explaining it in your blog is important, in order to show your personality, which may attract traffic and backlinks if you do it in a smart way. Writing your article and opinion, with a simple and clear exposition (which are the two key attributes that each post should contain) can be very challenging.

On the other hand, an in-depth article, with your point of view on particular topics can be appreciated and, with a little word of mouth, may become a powerful attraction for visitors.

7. Interview Important People in Your Niche

Writing articles about the point of view of authoritative figures is always interesting and attract traffic from people which want to read and learn from their experience. In recent times it is very fashionable to interview famous bloggers, who once interviewed also publicize your article on their pages, blogs and social media profiles. This is indeed a huge source of traffic for your blog. And also backlinks! Be careful though, because the quality of an interview is not valued by the answers, but above all the questions!

Think carefully about what you want to ask, and eespecially on how you intend to do it.

8. Anything With a Catchy Title or Image Attract Traffic

The first things that attract the attention of readers are the title and image of the article. Many times, even the best article may go unnoticed if he is saddled with a bad title. So be sure to think about an attractive headline for your post! Also the time spent looking for an effective image is a useful way to introduce your article.

We keep saying content is king, and the whole idea of having a kick-ass content is to drive traffic, and attract natural backlinks. When you are writing content, which have a unique angle, or cover any of the above 8 mentioned points, it will naturally make other blogs and website to link to you.

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What do you think? Do you have more ideas on how to increase traffic and backlinks to your blog?

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What Kind of Content Drive Traffic and Natural Backlinks
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