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Google Webmaster tool (GWT) is one of the very first place, where you should submit your Website after launching.  GWT is a free Google product for Webmaster’s, and it offers many great details, which will help you to optimize your blog for better user experience, and for search engine. More over, it will help you to achieve your goal of conversion, subscription or earn more with ad clicks. We have talked a lot about using Google Webmaster tool data to optimize your blog, and if you missed them, here are few articles that you should refer right away:

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You can browse the complete archive here. Today, I will be giving you more insight on using search queries feature of Google Webmasters tool, and how you will be using it for improving your search engine presence.

Search Queries in Google Webmaster tool

Using Google Webmaster Tool Search Queries to Improve your Blog

When you will log in to your GWT dashboard, under Traffic> Search queries you can find many important details like What keywords (Queries) are being used by people to find your blog, how much CTR that query is giving, and most important what’s your average position. You can understand all these terms, and how they work by watching this official video:

In the above video Maile Ohye has explained everything you need to know about using GWT search queries tab to improve the conversion, optimising your top pages, and other parameters you can use to further improve your site. Usually I combine this data with few other data provided by Google Analytics to improve the pages, and thus improve the overall user experience.

Using Google Webmaster Tool Search Queries to Improve your Blog
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Below, I’m linking out to resources from our archive, that will help you to use the search queries data for your site optimisation:

Queries with high impression but less clicks:

One of the major reason for this is, your page meta description, and how result from your page is appearing in Google search. There are few things you can do to improve your CTR. Like, improving meta description, adding author image, removing dates and many other tricks that you could apply. You can read all about it in my earlier post on: How to increase Google Search CTR.

Low Avg. position for a query:

I usually try to improve queries whose average position is between 8-20, as it will not only improve the traffic, but my qualified traffic also increases because of this. You can take help of our On-page optimization guide, or use a plugin like SEOPressor to improve a post for certain queries. Do remember, when I talk about improving the page, it means improving the overall quality of the page, including maintaining the SEO of your page.

Improve Top Pages:

Your top pages are landing pages, and by improving them, you can improve the bounce rate, average time spent on site, and also use that page to drive traffic to other important pages of your site. Simply go to Top pages, Sort page by clicks and optimize that page further.

If you are a blogger or Webmaster, you should see the above video, as this will not help you in understanding how search engine works, but also how you can use Google Webmaster tool to improve your site to great extent.

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Using Google Webmaster Tool Search Queries to Improve your Blog
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