Use Post Excerpt on Homepage to Avoid Duplicate Content Issue 1

We all know that Google hates duplicate content. Now if you are wondering what is duplicate content, in SEO terms when a post is accessed via two different permalinks, it’s considered as duplicate content. For example, if you are showing complete post on Homepage, tags, category page and keep them indexed, you have created lots of duplicate content of your post.

Whenever I search for my latest content in Google, I see my homepage, and my post link appears in Google, and this made me think, should I keep my homepage as noindex, but again that will be a bad idea. Since Homepage helps you to pass on link juice and it’s the page with maximum backlinks. So keeping it noindex is not an option. You can check backlinks for your blog using this tool.

Matt explained, that you should consider showing Blog post excerpt instead of complete post on Homepage and provide a link to read the complete article. Though he also mentioned that if the homepage is regularly updated, Google bots will have an idea, that the main post is somewhere else and they will give more weightage to individual post instead of Homepage.

Watch this video to listen to Matt Cutts official advice on Showing partial or complete post on Homepage of your blog:

Use Post Excerpt on Homepage to Avoid Duplicate Content Issue

My advice would be, if you show complete post on Homepage of your blog, you should consider showing post excerpt, and if you publish tons of posts every day, a magazine style template will be of great benefit for your blog SEO.

I also suggest you read: Blog design: Complete post or post excerpt.

Quick SEO tip: It’s better to keep your tags and categories pages as noindex and dofollow. You can read more about it here & here. 

Anyways, I would hear your opinion on the same. Do you show complete post or partial post on your Website/Blog homepage?

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Use Post Excerpt on Homepage to Avoid Duplicate Content Issue
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