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Note: Tweet Adder is now Follow Adder which is a marketing tool for Instagram

Ever wondered how those big fishes in twitter got over millions of followers and how you can get too?

Well some of them got it to the top all through their continuous hard work and authority.

Now you and I will take years to reach that level right? So shall we abandon twitter?

My answer is NO a big fat “NO”.

No matter you are not Guy Kawasaki or Chris Borgan of twitter, you can get and make it by following certain tips and hacks. If you are wondering how to get traffic through twitter and how to get more followers (yeah not those junk types) on twitter, I have come up with one. The ultimate way to bang it on twitter is using “Tweet Adder”.

Tweetadder is a great twitter tool with over 100,000 loyal users who are using it to get more traffic to their blogs and more followers by using simple tricks to do things that other twitter clients don’t provide.

Tweetadder – a clear overview of what it does and how you can benefit from it:

You must surely have come across a lot of twitter tools. Some like the official twitter client Tweetdeck. Some go for other tools like socialbro and justretweet. While no tool is bad but they have certain limitations and tweetadder is the “GURU” of them.

Tweetadder has a lot of features like the auto DM feature which is very essential for sending an automated message each time someone follows you. Tweetadder also performs power twitter search that would take ages for you to do on the web version of twitter. Other features include the semi-automation (I prefer) and automatic (I don’t recommend) way to find, follow and unfollow twitter users of similar interests.

The automated feature automatically follows new user, unfollows the non-followers automatically as long as your computer is running. Isn’t that cool! But the automated version is so quick and robust that it may land you a twitter ban so use it with your conscience. (PS: this feature is now not supported in the official tweetadder version 4.0). But the recent version supports one click tweeter follow option that lets you follow 100s of new people through a click which is not bad, rather safe and recommended.

Are you ready to dive in? Let’s take a tweetadder ride:

Tweetadder has tons of features and this robust features and power packed performance actually made me to invest my money on it. I am glad I did. Here are some of the features of that tweetadder provide:

1) Advanced profile search:

This feature is very handy and allows you to search almost anything you want to see in your next follower. It searches profiles with specific keywords and other details like number of twitter followers etc.

Suppose you are looking for building networks with other influencer bloggers and leaders in your niche (writing for example).

Just type the keyword “freelance writer” in the keyword section (see attached screenshot).

Tweet Adder Review ~ Get Targeted Twitter Followers Instantly

As you are looking for leaders you won’t expect them to have below 5000 followers so put 5000 in your no of followers section. And let the hunt begin.

You can now follow the ones you like or the entire list shown or even store them for following later.

You can also search users based on locality and this feature can be helpful for bloggers and local businesses that are looking for innovative ways to connect with readers and customers in their locality.

The profile search displays filters like “show results with a profile image” which is useful as we never want to follow those spammy profiles with an egg of the twitter bird as their profile picture.

Tweet Adder Review ~ Get Targeted Twitter Followers Instantly

2) Tweetadder’s unfollow features:

The killer features of tweetadder include unfollowing people with no profile image and also people not following back. If you are looking for how to unfollow non-followers on twitter this can be as easy as it appears.

  • Some of your twitter friends might be too talkative with 1000s of tweets daily – unfollow them.
  • No profile picture: Spam detected – unfollow them
  • High ratio: Some people never respect followers, with millions of followers they only follow a few – unfollow them.

Here is a screenshot of unfollow features of Tweetadder

Tweet Adder Review ~ Get Targeted Twitter Followers Instantly

Here is a screenshot of results that were produced for unfollow search:

Tweet Adder Review ~ Get Targeted Twitter Followers Instantly

Important tips:

  1. Whitelist: You won’t want to accidentally unfollow your family and authority leaders. Make a whitelist of those users so that you don’t accidentally unfollow them.
  2. Blacklist: This list will keep you away from following certain followers.

3) Blog promotion:

Worried about promoting your blog automatically? Tweetadder is the answer. It will automatically post a fresh post to your twitter followers as soon as you hit publish. This works through the RSS feeds. Now you don’t have to waste a second on social media promotions.

Tweet Adder Review ~ Get Targeted Twitter Followers Instantly

Smart tip: You can actually use this feature of tweetadder along with IFTTT to automate publishing to other social channels like LinkedIn, Facebook pages and profiles without you clicking a button. Here are some of the recipes prebuild on Ifttt.

4) Tweets and retweets:

Want to bulk tweet something? Automatically retweet some tweets (recommended in order to get into quick radar of influencers)? Tweetadder allows you to bulk tweet, schedule them and even import any number of tweets to from an external file so that you can bulk tweet them.

For retweets (keep a manual approach). It can filter a tweet based on containing keyword (set by you) and retweet them. It’s helpful in content curation and automating tweets.

5) Automated thank you messages and relation building:

A new follower follows you, and then disappears. Your tweets get lost in the ever running dream of the follower. Now what? Instead you should look at how you can convert twitter followers into buyers. Tweetadder helps you convert followers into buyers. You can actually send an automated thank you message or a DM asking the follower to visit your site/product and then tell his views on it.

This way he will come in contact with your actual business.

Smart tip: Create a separate landing page for twitter visitors in your blog. You can convert them by personalizing their experiences in this landing page.

6) Multiple statistics enabled twitter profiles:

This is the killer feature that you wouldn’t want to miss. This feature of supporting multiple profiles (might be 2, 5, 10 or 100 no matter) can actually help you to amplify your business. Furthermore it supports analytics and what statistics that will help you to review which profile is performing how much and then make changes in strategies as such.


Do you think all these features and awesome tools come with costly price tags.Then let me tell you get all these for as low as $19 per month. Here is the detailed price chart.

Tweet Adder Review ~ Get Targeted Twitter Followers Instantly

Resources to help you:

Tweetadder comes with fully supportive customer care but if you like to learn by yourself here are some resources to help you.

  • Learn Tweetadder through YouTube:

My verdict and conclusion:

I love tweetadder because of its functionality and would recommend you to use it to fully utilize your twitter profile and followers. If you are yet to take any decision try using the free trial version by clicking here.

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