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If you’re looking to buy domain names chances are you want to setup a website and get online. This is where you need a hosting.

If you’re wondering what’s the difference…

A domain name is your website address which users will type to reach your website/blog.

But as you know a website contains text articles, images, multimedia files and all those things. Where do you store them?

That’s where you need a hosting.

Hosting acts as a space to locate your media files and website as a whole in one place. This is why you need a hosting after you buy a domain.

Most of the above domain name registrars have their own hosting services but to be honest, they are all basic and geared towards simple hobby websites or a 1-2 page business websites.

Hosting from domain registrars often have less bandwidth and are limited in resources.

It is always recommended that you buy hosting from reputed hosting providers who are solely in that business.

This is where Bluehost comes.

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