As a blogger and online marketer, I am sure you need tools to assist you in SEO, site analysis, auditing site content, and competitor analysis to name a few. There are many tools to accomplish each of the said jobs and some even cost the heck out of your budget.

As newbies, I have seen many bloggers waste their money buying SEO tools while they can still manage their job with free ones available.

Today, I will review SmallSeoTools, which can be called the jack of all trades. While SmallSeoTools is not completely new to any blogger, in this review I will show how to get more done with this free tool for bloggers.


Sounds good?

Let’s start.

Useful Tools offered by SmallSeoTools:

SmallSeoTools is a complete set of tools that helps most online marketers including SEO professionals, webmasters, bloggers, and social media marketers. Almost anyone blogging has surely used or heard of SmallSeoTools. While SmallSeoTools provides over 59 tools to help bloggers, we will discuss only the most essential ones in this review.​

1) Plagiarism checker:

Having original content is very essential for bloggers. A small trace of duplicate or copied content can harm the reputation and rankings of your blog. SmallSeoTools provides a plagiarism checker that easily finds traces of copied content in your blog posts or outsourced content.

This tool has been a favorite of bloggers who outsource content from freelance writers. All you need to do is paste the content from your draft and it will detect if it contains traces of plagiarized content.

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The only drawback is it can only handle 1000 words per batch.


Here is a list of plagiarism checkers you can try out.

2) Keyword Rank Checker:

If you want to track the ranking of your blog posts based on keywords you are focusing on, you can use this tool. You can then analyze if your posts are performing well in the SERPs. You just have to type your blog URL, enter your focus keywords (up to 5 at a time), and check your rankings in Google.

SmallSeoTools also gives you the benefit to check country-specific rankings like for India.

Do you want to improve your Keywords ranking in Google? Check out this guide.


Does not include Bing or other search engines.


I have compiled a list of rank checker tools. Check them here.

3) Alexa Rank Checker:

Alexa rank is a comprehensive ranking by, which tells how popular your site is amongst audience. It ranks sites on this basis globally and in their own specific country. However for starters, alexa rank matters, as it is a scale to compare their site’s performance with other popular sites.

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This only gives the raw site information which is far less than the information you can freely get from alexa’s official site.


Alexa’s official site, Alexa toolbar, SEOQuake extension etc.

4) Backlink Checker tool:

It’s a good practice to check your backlink profile once in a while. Use this tool to check your backlinks and you can use the data to get more SEO benefits.

For example, you can connect with bloggers who link to you and build relationships. You also can disavow unwanted or spammy links.


It’s pretty basic and doesn’t give much information about the backlinks you’ve got, like authority of backlink, follow type etc.


Here is a list of backlink checker tools that can be used as an alternative to SmallSeoTools.

5) Domain Authority Checker:

SmallSeoTools has the best domain authority checker after moz toolbar. It is pretty neat and fast and serves its purpose of checking domain authority.

Similarly, it also has Page Authority checker to calculate the Page authority of your URL.

Do you want to increase your Domain authority? Don’t miss this.


There are no cons in the SmallSeoTools DA and PA Checker.

Alternatives and moz toolbar.

6) Keyword Suggestions Tool:

If you are in a hurry or don’t want to invest money in a keyword tool, you should try out keyword suggestions tools by SmallSeoTools. While this is not any phenomenal tool but can help you get started up with a few variations of your parent keyword.

You can then use these derived keywords as seed keywords to discover new keywords.

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This is a basic tool not recommended for pros. Does not give any information on keyword competition or even search volume.


Google keyword planner, long tail pro,

7) Grammar Checker Tool:

For writers and bloggers, SmallSeoTools has a grammar checker tool that serves the purpose and detects any grammatical errors in your sentences or copy. It’s as easy as just paste your text and it displays the errors.

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SmallSeoTools does not give a thorough analysis of your text. It has no option to check for complex errors and misused words.


Check this list of grammar checker tools.

8) Broken Link Checker:

Broken links lead your readers nowhere and can potentially harm your site SEO. A broken link checker tool as SmallSeoTools provides can help you detect broken links from your web pages and thus you can redirect them either to an existing post or to a page where they can get what they are looking for.

Alternatively, you can use this tool to check for broken links on other websites and thus use them in your broken link building campaigns.


Not much information about the links is given.


Broken link checker extension, screaming frog etc.

Other tools offered by SmallSeoTools worth trying out are:

  • What is my IP
  • Class c IP Checker
  • Domain Age checker
  • for more tools, visit the site.

My Verdict:

SmallSeoTools is definitely a time saver and a recommended tool for anyone. This is the best pack of SEO tools for beginners who are hesitant to invest money in premium tools. Having a complete set of tools for SEO and blogging in a single platform is good. These tools have no learning curve, which is why it’s so much popular among starters.

I have used SmallSeoTools a lot and that’s why I decided to write this review. Kindly share it, if you found it worth reading.

What is your favorite amongst SEO tools provided by SmallSeoTools?

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