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SEO is an important aspect of blogging, and you need to be careful while planning and applying SEO to your blog. Though I won’t say that there is any fixed methodology for SEO there are few factors which surely impacts in getting good search engine ranking. Getting organic traffic for your blog is really important. Thus all bloggers must take care of SEO strategies while blogging.

SEO is a vast topic, and if you are doing SEO for a new website or SEO audit of a website, it’s important to maintain an SEO checklist, so that you can quickly see how well your site is optimized. Though maintaining a list could be tough, and that’s why I’m creating this list which will help you to cross quickly check your site SEO.

Shoutmeloud has covered all practical and easy tips for all important factors which effect your search engines ranks. We always prefer to provide only those SEO tips that can be use by beginners as well as professionals. If you have missed any of SEO post on ShoutMeLoud then check out the checklist of SEO.

Updated SEO checklist:

You should start from here: On page SEO checklist for 2016

SEO Checklist : Every Blogger Should Follow

This SEO checklist includes some of the things which you should know, some of the software’s you should be using and many other tips. I tried to cover as much as I could, but feel free to suggest if you have any more tips to add.

There are many new factors which are implemented in 2016 and I will include them too so that your site is ready to compete with other sites SEO in 2016 & in coming years.


One of the important aspects is making sure you are targeting keyword with every post/page and also monitoring their performance. There are many such websites and tools like (SEMRUSH, Long TailPro) which will let you track keyword rank of multiple keywords. Here are some useful resources regarding Keywords.

  • Importance of Keywords in SEO
  • How to perform Keyword research
  • Keywords in Title Tag/URL/Descriptions/ Headers
  • Use Headline Analyzers to create clickable headlines (Ensure to add a keyword in your title)

Link Building

  • Internal links
  • Backlinks
  • Outgoing links


  • Duplicate content
  • Quality content

Meta Tags

  • Meta Title/ Description


  • Permalinks
  • Sitemap
  • Set Redirections
  • Ping Services

Must perform:

  • How to submit your blog sitemap to Bing
  • Submit your website to Google search console
  • How to handle 404 pages for SEO
  • Submit your website to these places for backlink


  • Robot Meta
  • Image ALT Tag
  • Robots. Txt
  • Broken links

2016 SEO Checklist:

  • Your pages loading time
  • Check Page Layout Algo
  • Outbound link
  • Responsive design (Making your website optimised for desktop, tablets and mobile)

Keyword research tools:

  • LongTailPro
  • Google Keyword planner

SEO Tools:

  • SEMRUSH Review
  • Backlink checker sites
  • Ahrefs

Helpful tools:

  • Add social media sharing buttons for social signals (Use SumoMe)
  • SEO by Yoast WordPress plugin
  • Image optimization ( Web-ready & faster loading)
  • Implement CDN using MAXCDN

SEO Checklist : Every Blogger Should Follow

Above are few SEO checklist, which must be followed by all the bloggers. There are lots more factors which you will get online but I preferred to cover the once which are important for SEO and if done properly than very useful for all the bloggers.

There are no shortcuts like hidden text or keyword stuffing for getting good ranks in search engine, so I would recommend avoiding unethical way of getting good ranks in search engines. Do share your SEO checklist for getting good rank in search engines for your blogs.

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SEO Checklist : Every Blogger Should Follow
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