It’s crucial to monitor the performance of your social media content so you can identify what’s working and what isn’t.

Sometimes, the answer may surprise you, especially given all of the algorithm changes and site updates.

You may not have known, for example, that Facebook loves native videos, but doesn’t rank outside links highly; this directly translates into native videos getting exceptional placement, but shared YouTube videos getting lost in the abyss.

Sometimes, your audience will surprise you, too.

They may prefer images of your products, or UGC, or behind-the-scene content.

Some audiences will respond exceptionally well to “guessing game” and “share your opinions” posts, while others won’t.

Track this carefully, so you can determine what content you should be creating more of for best results long-term.

Social media poster can provide you with this analytical data across all three platforms.

You want to see what content is getting the most likes, shares, and comments, and for how long.

All of this is important, and allows you to track trends of what your audience most wants to see. Just as importantly, perhaps, they also make it exceptionally easy to track your publishing goals.

Since it’s so easy to let social content slide, it’s good to keep an eye on how much you’re posting and making sure it’s meeting your standards. 

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