SEMRUSH has been my favorite search engine tool for the past few years. I have written about it multiple times in the past, and I have also shared how to use it for content marketing and SEO optimization. If you have missed reading these articles, I highly recommend that you read through them. Here are the previously published SEMRUSH articles:

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One of the reasons why most Indian bloggers and Indian startups use SEMRUSH is the absence of Indian search databases. Last week SEMRUSH added the Google search India database, and this is big news for Indian publishers and the India SEO industry in general.

In this guide, I will show you how to use the new Google India search database for your benefit.

How to use the Google search India database for your benefit:

It would be best if you open SEMRUSH  and use it along with your reading of this guide. You can use their free account (with certain limitations), or you can grab their 14-day pro account for free with this link (credit card required for verification). If you do not wish to renew, you can cancel your account within 14 days, and you will not be charged for anything.

SEMRUSH Has Added Google India Search Database & Why It Matters

Check your or your competitors’ domain keyword rankings in India:

One of the finest features of SEMRUSH is that which allows you to check the keyword rankings of your domain or any other domain for any country. Now with the Indian database, you can see which keywords from your domain or the domains of your competitors  is ranking.

SEMRUSH Has Added Google India Search Database & Why It Matters

On the SEMRUSH dashboard, select the Indian database under Asia, to select the Google India database.  Here is the keyword result from a popular Indian viral site:

SEMRUSH Has Added Google India Search Database & Why It Matters

Find profitable keywords:

SEMRUSH makes it easier for even a non-technical user to find relevant and valuable keywords effectively. You can enter any domain such as,, etc., and see what keywords they are ranking for. This is the easiest way for Indian startups and upcoming e-commerce sites to tap the existing profitable keywords of their competitors or popular Indian sites.

Also, you can quickly find related keywords and long tail keywords. You should always tend to long tail keywords, as they can bring you highly targeted search traffic. Here is an example of long tail keywords (phrase match keywords) suggested for target keywords “online shopping sites”:

SEMRUSH Has Added Google India Search Database & Why It Matters

And here is related Keyword report for the same keyword.

SEMRUSH Has Added Google India Search Database & Why It Matters

This is useful when you are targeting a niche and need to cover all articles around it. This way you will have a research and data based keyword for your website. You can plan a content strategy to ensure that you cover all keywords in one way or snother.

Create micro-niche site in easy steps

Using the above report, you can create a micro-niche site easily. I have already shared a case study of a micro-niche site I have built. Here is a report for the keyword “Micromax”, which is a popular Indian mobile brand:

SEMRUSH Has Added Google India Search Database & Why It Matters

From the keyword report, you can see how easy it is to create a micro-niche site related to Micromax. A blog or website of this type has every reason to be profitable.

Check any site performance in Google India search:

You can also see how a site is performing in Google India search, whether your own site or the sites of your competitors. This gives an excellent overview of a site’s past and current situation. This feature shows a graph showing the visibility of the site keywords in the search engine.

Here is an example from one popular Indian government jobs site:

SEMRUSH Has Added Google India Search Database & Why It Matters

As you can see from the graph, that site keyword ranking in search has gone down in the past month. If this is the case for your site, it’s time for you to do a complete SEO audit of your site.

Note: SEMRUSH has  a site SEO audit feature, which is one of the best in the SEO market.

See live ad copies for any keyword or domain:

This particular feature will be used and appreciated by marketers, affiliates, and internet marketing companies. You can see the ad copies for your target keywords that are running live via Google AdWords.

Here is an example of ad copies for keywords “Jobs in Delhi”:

SEMRUSH Has Added Google India Search Database & Why It Matters

This is where things get interesting, as an advertiser can save a lot of money by tapping into ad copies used by popular companies. You can see the ad copies used by any domain in the database.

Here is a report from Flipkart ad copies:

SEMRUSH Has Added Google India Search Database & Why It Matters

You can also export the ad copies in Excel or .CSV format. You can download this exclusive list of Flipkart Ad Copies by ShoutMeLoud & SEMRUSH, which consists of 50 popular ad copies of Flipkart in

A complete SEO suite:

In this article I have shared how you can use the assistance of the database in SEMRUSH to grow your online business. Similarly, you can use the technique for any other country.

SEMRUSH offers many more features, making it a complete SEO suite that you can use today. Here are several more features that you can explore yourself:

  • Domain SEO audit
  • Backlink checker
  • Keyword position tracker
  • Keyword difficulty checker
  • Domain vs. domain comparison

Go ahead and try these features for yourself by going to the SEMRUSH site. If you want to explore all features, use the link below to create an exclusive 14-day trial account. This offer is exclusive for ShoutMeLoud readers.

Create a SEMRUSH free trial account

I am hoping to see the Hindi language added to their database in the near future. I hope I am not asking for too much with that feature request. ????

Can you think of additional ideas that can help a publisher who is targeting Indian search engines to make the most of SEMRUSH? Feel free to use the comments section below to share your thoughts and ideas.

If you find the information in this post helpful, please share this guide with your marketing, e-commerce and blogger friends who are targeting Indian search engines.

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