Now-a-days social media has come out as a giant when it comes to driving traffic but it’s undeniable that SEO is still the most profitable & free way to drive highly targeted traffic to our blogs & websites.

After investing about four years of my immortal life online, I had many things to write about as per my experience concerning SEO, & so is this article all about it. There are many guides available here at ShoutMeLoud to bring traffic to your site through search engine, so I wanted to come up with a new term & hence I coined it as Search Engine Value.

I wanted to give you a new perspective to look at Search engine which is the present & may be most vital part in future. This term came up as in my business I have learnt that being valuable is best way to excel in work & personal life. Similarly, our blog has to be the valuable resource of the content that people are searching for, in other words, we can call it search engine value that we provide through our blog on whatever topic we are writing.

It is true that when we talk about search engines we talk of many things like keywords, meta tags, page speed, mobile friendliness, structured data, social media presence, the design of the web page, presentation, backlinks e.t.c as quite frankly we are writing both for the visitors & the search engines.

Search Engine Value: The Not So Secret Mantra for SEO Success

Here we have to consider the search engine value that we can provide which can obviously come up if we follow some of the posts in ShoutMeLoud that can help us to achieve & also maintain a monopoly in our market or other words, search engine market.

Rise of artificial intelligence in SEO

Search Engine Value: The Not So Secret Mantra for SEO Success

In the past, there were different aspects of ranking well in the SERPs but today the rise of artificial intelligence has made the bots very intelligent to find the most valuable content & present it to the user after being sorted out with some tests that the bots can do. Hence, we have to take care of the terms mentioned above to rank higher & if possible the highest to dominate for a longer time frame.

After writing about some of the topics I have realized that every topic has its way of looking at by the user & it depends on the interaction between the user & your content to produce a result that can be fruitful to you & more importantly the user, either you have made that web page to produce a sale or provide information.

For example, if I am writing about jobs the first few things that come up in my mind are basic pay or salary, working hours, job profile, e.t.c. Honestly, the perfect post doesn’t arrive in one stroke but it is edited few times either because of updates or experience that you are having with analysis of your post’s performance. Especially if you are in communication with the user so that you can certainly know the aspects that are missing in any post. This communication can be done either through email marketing or direct contact.

So, being valuable will get us to a point where we can say that we are providing something of significance to anyone who is visiting our webpage. The search engine also sees this in the long run & if you are competing for difficult keywords that already have a lot of competition then this can be your boon & you can rank well for these kinds of keywords. However, there are some other keywords also that are not that competitive where Search Engine Value can straight away push you to be at the top of the search.

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For example, I used the brand name of my competitor by writing a review about it in my website after seeing that people were searching for its review in Google & that idea brought me traffic!! just because I came up with an idea of providing search engine value to my post & referred that traffic to my post that was competing with that brand name.

After taking a look at most of the long lasting top-ranking posts in Google, I can say that the value your article offers to end-users decide the future of the ranking of your content. Saying that, one who wants to make search engine works for their online business, should take care of technical aspect of SEO & at the same time major focus should be on the value proposition of every individual page on your site.

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Do let me know your opinion on present & future of SEO? How a blogger should focus on SEO which would yield results for longer span?

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