Paid Links and SEO : Will Your Website Be Penalized? 1

Paid links are considered as the easiest way to get your website quickly ranked in SEPRs; but only if you have good funds with you to spend on your SEO campaign. However, it is against the natural SEO which affects organic search results. And, it’s unfair with other website owners who either don’t have that much SEO budget or believe in natural SEO.

Paid Links and SEO : Will Your Website Be Penalized?Google launched Penguin update, which penalizes webmasters who build backlinks by buying backlinks. This includes buying low-quality or high-quality links. Once Google figures out a link is un-natural, your website is more likely to get un-natural link warning notice (If you have added your site in Google Webmaster tool), and you will notice a significant drop in traffic and keyword ranking. Let’s see what Google think about paid links and how it is going to affect your website ranking.

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Paid Links : Good or bad for SEO?

Paid link violates Google’s Policies –

Why Google rules out about 75% of search results on internet? Because of their credibility and obviously, such links manipulates the natural search results; pushing undeserving sites up in search results. And since, it’s putting a question mark on Google’s credibility they are really concerned about it. Of, course Google tries to serve the best relevant and informative websites to its users.

Paid Links and SEO : Will Your Website Be Penalized?

Purchased Links passes Page rank –

Of course, by buying backlinks is just like passing Page rank of one high ranked site to another site which doesn’t deserve it well. Well, the PR of such sites may be affected which are selling paid links. In fact, selling links hurts the credibility of a particular site since they are promoting another site through unfair ways. If you are purchasing links to improve your Page rank, I would recommend to stop doing it, and follow this handy guide to improve page rank.

Is Google Interfering Webmaster’s Rights?

As per Google, they aren’t interfering anyone’s right. Each webmaster is free what he/she wants to do with his/her site. But, if they wish to have favor from Google then they should abide the policies established by them. Manipulating search engine results is against their policies and therefore such websites will be penalized.

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How to Reinstate the PR of the sites which are downgraded?

Google officials say that you should remove all such links immediately. Or else, you should disavow those paid links. Afterwards, affected webmasters are required to file a reconsideration application. They will review the application and your website. If you still don’t get proper response they you should work from zero again.

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Isn’t it the killing of other advertising mediums? They say that they aren’t going to penalize advertising mediums but unfair promotion mediums only. Yes, as a webmaster you are free to offer advertisement on your site. But it should be for targeted traffic purpose. They are just trying to convey you how an ad is different from a backlink which is purchased.

Why Google doesn’t penalize Advertisements but a paid link-

The prime purpose of a paid link is to affect the SERPs however, Advertisements are for generating awareness, getting more targeted traffic and increasing the reach.

  • How Google bot finds such links – If Google bot finds a dofollow backlink on any irrelevant niche on your site, Google bots will consider it as a paid back link.
  • General Visitors can also report paid links – Google is open for feedback from internet users; if you come to know that some site is involved in link trading then you can report it using this link.

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Now if you need to build links, and you want to spend money on it, plan out a guest blogging strategy. Hire a freelance writer, who can guest blog on behalf of your brand, and build quality relevant links. Well, if you are interested on this topic and wish to find out more then you can take the help of Webmasters help forum. Also, you can visit Matt Cutt’s website where he has described it in detail.

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Paid Links and SEO : Will Your Website Be Penalized?
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