OpenLinkProfiler : Free Backlink Tool To Check Unlimited Backlinks 1

OpenLinkProfiler : Free Backlink Tool To Check Unlimited Backlinks

Few days back I talked about Domain authority which is the best way to measure the success of a domain or a webpage. If you read that article, you must be aware of the fact that: backlink is still one of the biggest criteria for higher ranking of a webpage.  Today, I’m talking about one of the finest free tool to check backlink which let you find the freshest links to your site.

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As a free option, this is a great solution to check backlinks for your domain or any domain you want. The free tool which I’m talking about today is OpenLinkProfiler. This is a great looking tool to check links to any domain (Including yours) and you can do much more than just checking links.

Features of OpenLinkProfiler:

What I liked the most about this tool is, it let you check backlinks for unlimited domain and you can also download newest 1000 links to any domain in .csv format. Here is a screenshot of this tool for ShoutMeLoud domain:

OpenLinkProfiler : Free Backlink Tool To Check Unlimited Backlinks


This tool offers great feature for backlink builders to identify good domains to get links from. The idea is to analyse your competitor site and filter the result based on “Only links based on trusted top level domains“. It will show the results from top domain and also the LIS score. LIS is the link influence score of any page, and it’s calculated on a scale of 0-100%. (I don’t have enough information such as how LIS score is calculated at this moment). Here is the screenshot of the filter page and see the results this tool showed:

OpenLinkProfiler : Free Backlink Tool To Check Unlimited Backlinks

OpenLinkProfiler : Free Backlink Tool To Check Unlimited Backlinks

You can further click on any link in link destination column to find more links to the site. OpenLinkProfiler also distinguish domains into industry. You can find detailed information about industry categorisation on their FAQ page. Here are few notable features which you should know about OpenLink Profiler:

Link Disinfection:

Link Disinfection tools shows all the low quality and bad links pointing to your site. All the links shown in this tab might not be bad always, so you should carefully audit all the links. You can further use Google disavow link tool to ignore this links.

Pages- Find domain pages with maximum links:

This tab let you find all the pages of any domain with maximum number of links. This is a good strategy to find out top linked pages of any domain. If majority of links are high-quality, that page might be the most valuable page of the domain.


OpenLinkProfiler : Free Backlink Tool To Check Unlimited Backlinks

This section shows the link pointing to any domain by age. This is a good way to find out if links are built on an aged domain in a short period or it was built over the time.

There are many more features which you will love in this free online backlink tool. Such as:

  • Countries : This section let you see which countries link to any domain.
  • LIS distribution: Here you can see how many high LIS or low LIS domain linking to a domain. It’s normal that you might notice a huge number of low LIS domain linking to your site, but what you should focus on is the site with high LIS score linking to you.
  • LinkAlerts: Send you email notification for newly discovered links.

Overall as a free tool, OpenLinkProfiler is a great backlink analysis tool for any SEO guy or a blogger like you and me. Go ahead and try this site, I’m sure you will find it useful.

Check out OpenLinkProfiler

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OpenLinkProfiler : Free Backlink Tool To Check Unlimited Backlinks
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