MyThemeShop Review: 5 Reasons I Recommend MyThemeShop for Bloggers 1

3 to 4 seconds.

That’s the time an average visitor spends on your website to find out what your site is all about.

If your website doesn’t provide a clear call to action within that fraction of time, your website visitor is gone FOREVER.

Your website design is the first thing most people focus on. If it looks like a mess, no one would spend their time and they instantly run away from your sites.

Did you know that by having an elegant blog design, you can provide a clear call to action and boost your sales?

Who doesn’t want an appealing website design that increases user engagement? After all, website design is what makes or breaks your website success.

Most people dream of building highly profitable websites to make more money online. Unfortunately 90% among them don’t focus on creating eye-catching design.

If you’re searching for ways to create an incredible blog design, don’t search beyond. In this article, I’m going to talk about a theme that enables you to create a spectacular design. Are you ready? Let’s talk about the review of MyThemeShop themes.

MyThemeShop Review: How good are they?

There are a lot of theme designers like StudioPress, Thesis, Elegant themes etc. Why should you prefer MyThemeShop over any other theme?

Let’s discuss about why MyThemeShop is the right choice for most WordPress bloggers who want to make their blog look beautiful at an affordable price.

Here are top 5 reasons why I prefer MyThemeShop:

1. Stunning appearance

What makes your blog different from others? It’s the design!

If you want to build a successful blog from the scratch, you need to stand out from the crowd first. Without being unique, making your blog popular is almost impossible.
MyThemeShop Review: 5 Reasons I Recommend MyThemeShop for Bloggers
When it comes to creating a stunning design for your blogs or websites, MyThemeShop has a wide range of theme options ranging from business oriented sites to eCommerce sites. Pick the one you like from their theme directory and make few tweaks to your design to create a stunning website look.

2. Search engine friendly

Let me guess. You’ve tried and tested almost every SEO strategy, yet you are not seeing any growth in your traffic whatsoever. What could be the possible reason? It might be your design.

Most websites are not optimized properly for search engines. And the result is, no matter how much keyword rich content they post on their sites, they won’t see any kind of growth in their organic traffic. If you are one among, I strongly suggest you to first focus on making your site search engine friendly.

Thanks to the themes at MyThemeShop, almost each and every theme is optimized perfectly for search engines. So you don’t have to fret much to create a search friendly design because the theme you use from MyThemeShop is already optimized properly.

MyThemeShop Review: 5 Reasons I Recommend MyThemeShop for Bloggers

3. Fully mobile responsive design

Mobile, mobile and mobile. Mobile responsive themes are becoming the new trend everywhere. If your site is not mobile responsive, you’re losing a lot of money, traffic and sales on the table.

Did you know that 8 out of 10 people shop online using their smart phones?

If you want to tap in that traffic and sales, you need to go mobile responsive. Fortunately, most themes that are designed by MyThemeShop are fully mobile responsive. And you don’t have to tweak or use any additional WordPress plugin to make your site mobile friendly.

The biggest advantage of having a mobile friendly design is you can almost increase your site user engagement up to 40%. If your site is not responsive, you’re losing all the traffic and leads to your competitors.

4. Blazing fast loading times

Who don’t love to spend time on the sites that load really faster. If your site’s loading time is making me yawn, then I won’t probably spend any more minute although your content is good.

Most online readers are lazy by default and they crave for speed. They like speed reading and fast loading websites. So make sure your website’s loading time is properly optimized. If it is taking more than 3 to 4 seconds to load, consider changing your design.

MyThemeShop Review: 5 Reasons I Recommend MyThemeShop for Bloggers
MyThemeShop themes are really fast because of their coding. There are no additional JavaScripts or flash files that make your site loading time slower. They take extra care to create user-friendly websites that have great functionality. And tweaking your design is really simple using MyThemeShop’s custom dashboard.

5. Low cost and friendly theme support

Every single theme at MyThemeShop is priced at $45 (that’s incredibly small cost) and you will also get 24/7 customer support. And you will also get additional features like free theme updates, copyright removal, video tutorials, lifetime usage of theme, full documentation etc by just paying $45 for one theme.

If you want to get full access (access to their 85 themes and plugins), you just need to pay $127 along with $15 per month as recurring charges. If you are a developer and want to create stunning websites for your clients, this option is for you!

They have basically 3 pricing options which are listed below.

  1. Single: Single theme cost: $45)
  2. Membership: All themes access (85 themes): $87 (additionally you have to pay $15 each month)
  3. Extended Membership: All themes and plugins access by paying $127 (and $15 every month)

MyThemeShop Review: 5 Reasons I Recommend MyThemeShop for Bloggers

Which theme should you buy?

As of now, MyThemeShop has 81 themes in their theme directory (excluding plugins) which are ranging from Magazine themes to Business themes.

Please have a look at their themes by click this link. See the live demo of the themes to select the one related to your website’s niche.

Here are few more benefits of MyThemeShop Themes

  1. Frequent updates: MyThemeShop is known for frequently updating their themes and plugins. This means if there are bugs in themes or plugins you use from MyThemeShop, they’ll rectified in the later versions.
  2. Easy coding: Most of the theme developers use sophisticated coding while designing themes. But most of the themes at MyThemeShop are made of simple coding where you can easily tweak if you want to change your design structure. You can also use their forums and video tutorials to tweak your blog design as you want.
  3. Built-in features: MyThemeShop has a custom dashboard which comes with incredible SEO options, easy to use shortcodes and lots of advanced widgets to make your website more powerful.
  4. Fun to use: Above all, you will find it easy to customize your site as you want. The developers at MyThemeShop worked hard to make it simple for non-tech savvy users to easily customize their sites without much hassle.

Final Words

Do you believe that a great blog design can boost sales as well as traffic?

If yes, have a look at MyThemeShop directory and see the live demo. You will definitely love their themes and you will have no regrets for choosing them over any other theme.

Currently there are over 195,000 people are using the themes at MyThemeShop. And they have 85 beautifully crafted themes and plugins to use.

So if you are looking for themes that look stunning, elegant and surprisingly simple, MyThemeShop is for you. They not only have blazing fast loading sites but they have a friendly and experienced customer support team who will solve your design related issues quickly.

What are your thoughts about MyThemeShop review? Are you getting your hands on themes at MyThemeShop? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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