As a webmaster, we all know importance of backlinks, and there are many online tools like Ahrefs to monitor backlinks. Using already available online tools, you can easily find in-depth analysis of all the backlinks pointing to your site, but how about getting Email notifications for new backlinks, and at the same time you can get Email notifications for backlink coming to your competitor website. Specially in this cut-throat online eco-system, it’s important to keep an eye on what your competitors are doing, and you can always create a better SEO campaign to outsmart your competitor website SEO.

Meet Monitor BackLinks: Web tool to Get Backlinks Email notification

Monitor Backlinks could be seen as any other SEO tool, but it solves few major challenges to SEO world. I will explain them in the form of features below:

  • It notifies you for new Backlinks to your Website.
  • It notified you for new backlinks to your competitor website.
  • You can see the quality of backlinks (Good or bad), if bad, you can always use Google Disavow link tool to get rid of it.

Before I share the complete guide to get started with Backlink monitor, here is a video intro which will give you an overview about this backlink watch tool:

How to Set up your Free Account & first campaign :

Monitor backlink is a premium tool, but to get started with it, they offer 30 days complete free trial ( Without credit card), and you can start monitoring your domain backlinks. During trial period, you will be able to monitor 2 domains along with 2 competitor for each domain. So, let me guide you on how you can get started.

Monitor BackLinks: Get Email Notifications For New BackLinks
  • Head over to monitor Backlinks homepage, and click on Get started.
  • You can select the plan, depending upon how many domains you want to monitor.

Monitor BackLinks: Get Email Notifications For New BackLinks

  • On the next page, enter the simple registration form.
  • Click on Email activation link, and you can start adding domain by linking to your Google analytics account.

Monitor BackLinks: Get Email Notifications For New BackLinks

Monitor BackLinks: Get Email Notifications For New BackLinks

On the next page, you can add up to 2 competitors. For bloggers, I recommend you to add competitor link as domain which is related to your niche, and is almost at your stage, but growing fast. This way, you can see what methods that blog is doing for link building, and you can align your link building campaign accordingly.

Monitor BackLinks: Get Email Notifications For New BackLinks

That’s it, and now within 24 hours Monitor backlink service will start sending you Email notifications for following stuff:

  • When ever a new backlink will point to your domain.
  • When an existing link back will be removed, which is pointing at your domain.
  • When your competitor site will get new backlinks.

Do remember, when you add your blog for the first time, it will find all the old backlinks and will show in your dashboard. This will also help you to track all existing backlinks to your site. If you are on a free plan, you can add up to 2 domains. Here is how dashboard looks like once it starts showing old and all new backlinks. Do remember, you will also receive an Email notification for every new link to your domain:

Monitor BackLinks: Get Email Notifications For New BackLinks

I have created this video tutorial, which will teach you on how you can use this tool, and how you can add new domain and competitors website. In this video, I have added one of my WordPress niche domain, and added two similar competitors.

Over all, the idea of Monitor back link is good, as you need to keep an eye on good and bad quality links pointing to your domain, and this tool will do just that. More over, with a simple to use dashboard, you can get everything done in no-time.

Take 30 days free trial of monitor backlinks

Do let me know how did you like the idea of this Backlink monitoring tool? Also, which web tool you are using now for keeping an eye on your domain backlinks?

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Monitor BackLinks: Get Email Notifications For New BackLinks
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