Are you working on a niche you don’t have any idea of?

Many times we come across a keyword that we’d like to rank for but we don’t have any idea for related keywords to write next.

With related keywords, you can easily enter a specific keyword and find all related keywords that might not have the same terms but belong to the same industry.

This time I entered a keyword as vague as “shoes”.

To be honest this is a keyword that is literally impossible to rank and maybe unprofitable too.

But, suppose you thought of working in the shoe niche but you have absolutely no idea about this niche.

This is where Google’s related searches also fail because they will only show you closely knit related searches like shoes for men and shoes online shopping.

To actually save time, digging deeper, you can use SEMrush’s related search feature which easily unlocked me to many keywords like orange coral shoes, gold women sneakers, all black womens tennis shoes, etc.

You could rinse and repeat the same procedure to further refine into more keywords worth targeting.

Now that you found keyword these keywords, I’d suggest to use the same rinse and repeat formula with these to uncover more related keywords to your key topics.

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