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As a Blogger, you must have been aware of Page rank. Page rank is just a ranking factor but it’s still an important metric to judge a Website credibility. Before, I start sharing my tips to improve Page rank of your Website, let me give you an introduction to page rank.

Page rank, is a ranking system from Google, in which they give any point from 1-10 to a website. A new domain (recently purchased) will usually have N/a or 0 PR. 1 being the starting and 10 being the best point in Google page rank system. Page rank is directly or indirectly related to your site quality and backlinks. More site trusts you and link you, your site will have better credibility in Google eye. Though, it doesn’t mean you go to Fiverr or use some SEO service to build tons of backlinks over night and in no time, Google will ban your site from search.

Why Do You need to Improve Page Rank?

Let me make some sense to you and let you understand why page rank is useful for your site. Though, many people says, page rank doesn’t matter in terms of traffic and it’s true. There is no direct relation with PR and traffic, but having a good Google page rank shows that this is credible site.

You need to plan out everything in terms of what all factors, you will be working on to improve page rank. Webmasters with experience in online businesses realize the benefits of a Page Rank. There are many advertisers, who would like to sponsor a blog post on your blog, but they look out for high PR. Better the Page rank is, you can bid higher for ad spots and sponsor ship post.

Killer Tips to Improve Page Rank of a Website

More over, when other bloggers see your site with good page-rank, they don’t mind linking to you next time, as they will see your site as a credible source.

Killer Tips to Improve Page Rank of a Website

Google PageRank is a value that identifies each page of the site based on the importance of the Internet page. This is a scale of 0-10, with 10 considered the most important factors and is determined by the quantity and quality of incoming links, and more. Usually the pages of high-ranking effort to appear higher in search engine results if they are optimized for the particular keyword. Here are some tips to improve your PageRank and get the associated benefits. I’m not covering some basic tips like Submitting your sitemap to webmaster tools, using SEO optimized theme like Thesis.

Improve Page Rank with Following Tips:

Unique SEO optimized content:

First of all, the most important step is to create a good unique content for your site or the blog. Search engines love quality and unique content which is been updated on a regular basis and the search engines will crawl your site very often. The fresh content of your site will attract other webmasters to link to your site that will give you a precious one way inbound links. More over, after Google recent post algo, it’s important to have a blog with a decent updated post every month, as you might see your site ranking dropping in search. Maintain a post frequency and make sure you spread your content via social media channel.

 Use heading tags and Keywords:

As I mentioned above writing high-quality post will help to rank better and it’s true, but at the same time you need to be found on Google. The best way to be found in Google is by putting yourself in page 1. Obviously, this can be done by few things: Keyword research > SEO optimized post > Social media promotion > Backlinks. So that’s the shortcut way, but now the most cruicial in this is optimizing your content for certain Keyword.

Here is a useful post, which teaches how to do onpage SEO optimization. Basically, you need to take care of your heading tags like H1, H2, h3, Keyword placement, Keyword density and so on. You can use plugin like EasyWpSEO, ScribeSEO for better optimization. You can refer to post on Onpage SEO:

  • OnPage Optimization factor for Better Keyword ranking


The most important player in this exercise to improve Page Rank of a website or a blog is the inbound links for a particular site. In fact, the success of the great Google page rank is highly dependent on the number of inbound links to a page. Not all links are equal when it comes to backlinks. Links to high PR sites are more valuable than low PR sites, but these inbound links should come from relevant sites to have a beneficial effect on the PR.

Harsh has already shared a post on how he boost a website PR to 3 with no content by blog commenting, which you can read here. Backlink generation is not a tough task and we have already learned 101 ways to get quality backlinks, but for your convinience I’m sharing some quick and easy way to get backlinks:

  • Blog commenting on Dofollow blog
  • Guest posting
  • Forum posting (With signature)

 Article directory submission:

Write the high quality of articles to the popular and high PR article directories with a link back to your site in the bottom of the article at the resource box. Some times These articles will be taken by the webmasters and they will publish on their website that will give you a precious one way inbound link to your site. Google considers these links as the popular votes for your blog or the site and inturn it will help you in increase Google page rank.

Though, after panda backlinks from Article directory is not considered as high backlink, that’s why I recommend to prefer guest posting. But at times, when you need to get quality links in little time, Just to improve page rank, article directory is a good idea.

But before, we move ahead I would suggest you to look into this post:

  • Article Marketing or Guest posting : Which Is better for Backlinks?

 Submit blog to Web directories:

A simple way to improve the PageRank of the site is to submit the site or the blog to an appropriate class of high-ranking web directory. If you submit your site to more directories you will get more backlinks, which will increase your sites chance of ranking high in the Google.

Ask other blogger to link to you:

For many this sounds like what I’m saying, but believe me there is nothing wrong about letting other blogger know about an awesome researched article you have done. For example, if you done a great researched article on Getting page rank with 0 backlink, you can tip for that to other bloggers, who write about SEO or page rank, and you might be lucky to get some high quality backlink.

This is what I did couple of twice, I covered some breaking news like facebook launching new photo viewer, and I tipper that to site like, all and they covered it with a backlink, which is a high quality backlink. More over, getting a mention on good site, also attracts more links, from the reader’s site.

Organize Blog contest:

Blog contest is like easiest marketing formula a blogger can follow. Being a blogger, you can find many product related to your niche and you can run a contest like write a review and link to your blog, or do social bookmarking voting and get free Google+1 and other votes, which helps in better ranking. I also suggest to look out this guide on getting free Blog sponsors for contests. This way, with a contest you will not only earn backlinks, but also it will add into your branding of blog.

See your site in search:

A proper site structure is very important for a SEO optimized site. You need to make sure, Google indexes your site properly and indexing all your content.

First do a search in with following term :

Replace with your site name, and go to the last page. If you see omitted search result option, click on it and see what all useless pages now Google are showing. If it’s category and tag pages, you can noindex them using Yoast SEO plugin. If your wp-admin, wp-content are indexed, you can stop crawling using WordPress robots.txt.

Fix broken links:

This is one thing, which I highly suggest you to do to keep your blog more search engine friendly. You can use plugin like Broken link checker for WordPress, or Broken link checker websites to identify all broken links and fix them. You can also use Webmaster tool to find all broken links and pages linking to it, and work on changing the links or setting up 301 redirection.

Strong Internal linking:

If you have been following Wikipidea, I’m sure you must have seen Wikipedia SEo strategies with internal linking. Probably, one of the best example for a proper internal linking. When we talk about Internal linking, in simple word it means you should link to your older post from your new post. Not only that, make sure you add it with proper anchor text. For example, check out this post and number of pages I have linked.  This helps in better indexing of internal pages and as well as increase SEO ranking of the target keywords. There are many useful plugins for the same, which includes:

  • Insight WordPress plugin
  • SEO smart link Premium Plugin

There are many others way, which you can do but mostly it’s back links which helps. Try to maintain a consistency in back-link building process, which makes it very effective, else too many huge spikes might be a bad idea. You can use backlink checker tools to see how much is your back-link, and you can set a target to get more backlinks and start working from today.

Do let us know what are you doing to Improve page rank for your website?

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