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Blogging as you know is a platform to interact with others, provide your audience with valuable resource and in return you expect to earn something from it, which is no bad.

In fact, many startups and artists are starting to sell their creations online. While many are lucky in getting funding for setting up dedicated e-commerce stores, the smaller players find it hard to sell something online due to lack of proper payment facilities in India.

If you are a freelancer who sells online then you might have come across the trouble of accepting payments from your patrons and buyers.

Not many customers have credit card or PayPal and in a country like ours where PayPal payment processes are limited, e-commerce has been a dream of far for small-scale sellers.

Here comes Instamojo, the Indian company that has heard the calls of many online marketers.

What is Instamojo?

Instamojo is a Mumbai-based startup that has come up with a payment solution built in India for Indians.

With Instamojo, anyone can quickly create a payment link and share it on their website, social media, email etc. Review – Easily Collect Payments Online in India
One can receive net banking, credit card or debit card payments. For a blogger or freelance writer, this is no less than a novel idea.

Is Instamojo a payment gateway?

Certainly no!

It’s better than a payment gateway.

You can create a page there and share on your website. Or you can sell products by integrating your website to it. They allow creating beautiful CTA buttons on your website/blogs.

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Getting Started with Instamojo

    1. Instamojo has made it extremely easy for the sellers to deal with them. Just sign up your account on the company website as you would do for a social network. It’s easy and free. Review – Easily Collect Payments Online in India

    1. Get your KYC documents like PAN card or bank document approved and it takes no more than 3-4 hours. Review – Easily Collect Payments Online in India

  1. Create links and collect payments Review – Easily Collect Payments Online in India

After your account is verified all you need to do is complete your profile details and start generating links. These links can be then used to collect payments. The payments thus made by your customers can be directly transferred to your associated bank account (savings).

What do I have to give in return?

Instamojo charges a flat 5% of your sales as its service fees. This in itself is very less. Still, if your conversions start increasing and you make larger transactions; the amount can be substantially decreased.

The payments are done weekly, that is every Friday.

How can you use Instamojo for your Online Business?

    1. Sell digital products online: Till now, Indians, unless they had a super funding for e-commerce could not sell anything online. If they did, they had to sell it under some other bigger authorities which cost them additional commissions.
    2. Sell eBooks, physical goods, music, any whitepapers, research articles, and newsletters; the list is longer.
    3. Sell tickets and events: Instamojo helps you to sell tickets to events and membership programs.
    4. Social pay: Social pay is the new concept of content marketing. If you don’t want to burden your readers or customers with monetary pricing you can always ask them to pay a social share (currently Facebook share and twitter tweets allowed) in return for your service.
    5. Pay what you want: This is extremely helpful for online developers who create useful stuff like plugins and add-ons. They can be flexible by not setting up a fixed price for their product. Instamojo allows you to pay as much as you want. This particular feature is helpful for NGO’s and other foundations that can run an online campaign of donation.
    6. Track your sales: Instamojo allows you to track buyer demographics and other details that will help you to focus on the regions and type of customers that pay you the most or bring more business. Review – Easily Collect Payments Online in India

  1. Custom post-purchase redirection: Instamojo allows you to redirect your users to a desired page post-purchase. This will help you to funnel the customer two ways and you can perform additional requirements like sending him to your blog or asking him to check out a related product. Sweetly, you can redirect the user to your landing page where you can thank him/her to have supported you through their purchase.
  2. 1-click email: Instamojo recently launched 1-click email to your customers. This can be handy in announcing a discount or a new product launch.

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Over to you

Readers, I have always been in an attempt to present you with honest and good reviews. But today I am thrilled to review this because I too longed for such an opportunity in India.

I have many friends who were sad that they had to sell their services like physical books or even eBooks, writing services etc. with huge difficulties.

Instamojo has really solved this problem by unifying payment methods to a single platform, which is good news. I think you should surely sign up for the service.

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