How To Use LSI Keywords For Ranking Higher In Search Results 1

Despite keywords being the base of searchable web writing, too many sites neglect it. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss one SEO trick that is going to help you improve the searchability of your blog posts – Synonyms. Synonyms are particularly crucial in SEO.  Most webmasters have stated them as road signs for search engines.

What are Synonyms or LSI Words?

Synonyms are words that mean the same thing. ‘Large’, and ‘enormous’ are synonyms for huge.

Google has included Keyword Stems in searches for a long time. An excellent example of stemming is where you use the keyword “running”, and Google will provide results with run, runs, or running in their results.

How To Use LSI Keywords For Ranking Higher In Search Results

Synonyms, on the other hand, are entirely different words that have no part of the original word within the search.

Here’s a good example: a person might “run” a company or “manage” a company, essentially, “run” and “manage” mean the same thing in this context, even though they are entirely different words.

Why use LSI words for SEO?

Search engines—especially Google—use synonyms and other related terms to figure out what your page is about. This is called latent semantic indexing. Once a search engine has a keyword in its sights, it searches the rest of your copy for context. For example, if your page’s title contains “orange,” you might be writing about fruit, or colors, or Dutch monarchs. But if search bots also find the terms “soccer,” “Netherlands” and “Jersey,” they’ll cleverly assume your page is selling shirts for fans of Holland’s national soccer team.

Using synonyms effectively can make a search engine’s job easier—which can increase your ranking.

How To Use LSI Keywords For Ranking Higher In Search Results

How to use LSI words in an article?

You want to use them in your content and make sure that you use them so that your content reads well. You want to create high-quality content that your visitors will find useful and be glad they found it. Another place you may want to use your synonyms and related words are within your text links, title, URL, meta tags,

How to Find LSI Keywords?

There are many free and paid ways to find LSI keywords. I’m sharing two most popular one and you could pick either:


Go to Google search and look for your target keyword. At the bottom, you will see the related search terms, which are the right LSI keywords that you should use.

How To Use LSI Keywords For Ranking Higher In Search Results

Along with that, you will notice that words on certain search results are highlighted. You should use them in your article. Here is an example:

How To Use LSI Keywords For Ranking Higher In Search Results

2. SEMRUSH SEO Content writing tool

Harsh has written about this in detail here and for all those who are using SEMRUSH tool, should take advantage of this. By far, it’s one of the best ways to get highly relevant LSI keywords.

My brain is thinking of other potentially good and effective uses for synonyms in SEO, such as linking strategies; but first I want to hear if any of you have had success in using Google Synonyms in your SEO strategies. If so, please share. I would be interested in knowing what others are doing.

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How To Use LSI Keywords For Ranking Higher In Search Results
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