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Search engines are the biggest sources that bring in visitors to our blog. We all are aware that optimising your blog for the search engine is very important. There are many steps for SEO. My understanding is that there is no perfect method in which this can be done because all the search engines would change their search technique each year or in two.

Even though there is no ideal method for SEO, the basics steps that are to be done will always remain the same. The aspects like the blog title, description, keywords, robots, etc. We bloggers needn’t always be on the right track in the beginning stage of Optimisation. The length of your description can at times be too long or you would be using too many keywords for your blog.

How to use a Meta Tag Analyser while SEO

A Meta tag analyser interprets how search engine robots read information from your blog. It will help you basically to check whether you are on the right track. You can find some of the best Meta tag analysers at SeoCentro, Submit Express, Hypergurl, etc. Just enter your blog address and it will produce the report for you. A Meta tag analysis report shows the details of these

Meta Title:

How to use a Meta Tag Analyser while SEO

The first Meta tag it analyses is the title tag. It shows the number of characters in your blog title and shows how relevant it is to your page content. Certain search engines have restrictions in number of characters of the title that can be showed in a search result.


The next Meta tag that is analysed is the description. At times beginners tend to write a lot of description for the Meta tag. It is said that an ideal Meta tag description should not exceed 150 words. The meta tag analyser will show the particular portion as shown in the picture to warn that it has crossed the advised limit.

How to use a Meta Tag Analyser while SEO


The analysis of keyword Meta tag tells you how many keywords are used in the blog. Most search engines would not prefer more than 20 keywords. So do not ever stuff in with keywords. It recommends you to avoid stop-word like ‘of’,’and’,’to, in keywords. Certain Keyword analysers would tell you the relevancy of the keywords as well. For WordPress blog you can use Keyword Density checker or SEO scribe WordPress plugin.


This analysis tells you as to what robots asked to do. For example: all, noindex, noodp, noydir, etc. A ‘noindex’ tells the robots not to index the page. ‘Noodp’ tells the robot to bypass the blog description. The benefit of this is that it shows description relevant to that of the search query.Read more about noodp and noydir.


This is not very important for optimisation. It just shows yours or your company’s name.

It is advised that you analyse your Meta tags so that you can check whether you are on the same track while optimising your blog for the search. This is also the basic step for optimization of your single blog post. A Well optimized blog post perform better than n number of unoptimized posts.

Do let us know how do you optimize your blog post? Do you take care of meta title, description and keywords?

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How to use a Meta Tag Analyser while SEO
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