How To Transfer Godaddy Domain Name from One Person to Another? 1

There can be ‘N’ number of reasons why you want to transfer your domain from one account to another.

It might be simply because you have made multiple accounts earlier to get benefits from discount coupons and now just want to have them under a single account for easy management.

It might be even because you have found a good seller for your blog or just because you are unhappy with the services or rates of your present registrar and want to shift to Godaddy.

Whatever the reason might be, today I will be taking you through the steps to transfer your domain from one account to another within GoDaddy itself or to from another registrar.

Transferring GoDaddy Domain from one Account to Another

  1. Login to your account at GoDaddy.
  2. Click on the Launch button right next to the domain you wish to transfer.
  3. How To Transfer Godaddy Domain Name from One Person to Another?

  4. Now click on the Account Change button that appears in the next window.
  5. How To Transfer Godaddy Domain Name from One Person to Another?

  6. In the next step enter the email linked to the other GoDaddy account.
  7. If the person to whom you are transferring the domain has a GoDaddy account then enter the Customer account id or username.
  8. How To Transfer Godaddy Domain Name from One Person to Another?

  9. Next enter the details of the new registrant. If you don’t have it then select the “do not change” option. If you have Customer id or username then you can select the option “Use details from specified Customer account“.
  10. Tick the checkbox “Keep the current nameservers for this domain” if you want to retain the nameservers otherwise the domain will be Parked. (Parked domain means that no service like email or website is associated with it and the nameservers on it are set by the registrar or probably a reseller which can potentially use the domain to show their own advertisements)
  11. Click on Next and fill in the new Contact Information.
  12. How To Transfer Godaddy Domain Name from One Person to Another?

  13. Read the Domain Name Change of Registrant Agreement and if you agree then select the corresponding checkbox.
  14. Click on Finish

This finishes the process of transfer of domain name from one Godaddy account to another (or from one person to another).

Some points you should note before doing the transfer

  • Some of the services associated to this domain will be canceled if you move the domain to another account. For example, your email and private registration service are canceled when you transfer the domain.
  • When you buy a domain from one registrar or transfer it to another registrar, ICANN rules apply a period of lockdown for 60 days during which you will not be able to transfer the domain again to some other account or registrar.

Transferring Domain from Another Registrar to GoDaddy

In case, if you are not satisfied from your old registrar and wants to move your domain name to another registrar (say from Bigrock to Godaddy or from Namecheap to Godaddy) then follow the steps mentioned below:

For demonstration, here are the steps of domain transfer from BigRock to GoDaddy.

  1. Login to your BigRock account.
  2. Click on the domain name you want to transfer to GoDaddy.
  3. How To Transfer Godaddy Domain Name from One Person to Another?

  4. As you can see in the image above, Privacy Protection and Theft Protection are enabled by default in BigRock. You need to disable these both before you can go ahead with any other step. To do this, click on the respective headings and in the next page select “Disable”.
  5. Now, click on Domain Secret in your BigRock dashboard and set your secret code (also called authorization or EPP key) which will be used as an authorization code for domain transfer.
  6. How To Transfer Godaddy Domain Name from One Person to Another?

  7. Buy a domain transfer plan from GoDaddy. Check if the extension of the domain you want to transfer is listed or not. If it is not listed you cannot transfer it to GoDaddy. You will get an email on the Administrative account email with the Transfer IDs. You need these to finally authorize the transfer.
  8. Note: Make sure that your email details in Administrative account are updated and correct. These will be used to contact you during the domain transfer. In case you have Private Registration make sure you disable it as your email id should be publicly available to help GoDaddy contact you with important transfer related emails.

  9. Now login to your GoDaddy account and under Domains menu select the Transfer Domains tab.
  10. How To Transfer Godaddy Domain Name from One Person to Another?

  11. Click on Authorize transfer followed by Add now.
  12. Now you need to enter the Transfer ID and Security Code you would have received through email and click on Next.
  13. How To Transfer Godaddy Domain Name from One Person to Another?

    How To Transfer Godaddy Domain Name from One Person to Another?

  14. Now click on I authorize the transfer followed by Finish and OK.
  15. You will receive domain transfer confirmation email with a link in it to either Accept or Deny the transfer. Accept and approve the transfer and you are done

Note: Don’t wait for the renewal period to come down to less than 30 days before initiating the transfer. Although ideally, it should take only 7-8 days for the transfer to complete but due to some issue, it might even take longer.

If your domain expires before the transfer is complete, your current registrar might refuse the transfer and you will end up paying much higher than you were initially hoping to by transferring it at the last instance.

After these steps, GoDaddy will send a request to your current domain name’s registry and to the registrar. Your current registrar will probably give you a cool off period during which you will need to take some action in case the transfer is not authorized by you.

Otherwise, you don’t need to do anything else now. After the completion of the cool off period, your domain should be successfully transferred to GoDaddy.

Over to you

I believe you should not have faced any problem in your domain transfer if you have followed the steps properly.

However, if you do face any issues please let me know through the comments below.

Also, do share what issues made you to take the decision to transfer your domain from your current registrar to GoDaddy.

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