I know:

you now don’t think of blogging the way you used to in the beginning.

Instead, you now think blogging is not a bed of rose (at least not for you!) and you don’t want to continue blogging.

If these lines strike a chord in your heart, read this post which will make you feel good and motivate you for blogging.

My questions:

  1. Why are you thinking so miserable?
  2. Why are you feeling so low of something that once excited you the most?
  3. Is blogging gloomy as a carrier?

The answer is NO.

Even you know blogging is fun.

You just need to re-invent your own game.

Here are seven of your blogging worries and the solution to motivate you:

1) There are already a million like me:

How to create an identity for yourself amidst so many other established bloggers?

Do you fear about losing your voice?

Think it this way:

What if J.K. Rowling thought, “Oh no there are already a LOT of fictions out there. Let me not write Harry Potter series.”

What if your favorite restaurant in your locality thought “Damn, too many hotels here! I can’t compete with the established restaurants. Let me give up on my idea.”

What if your favorite rock band did not debut fearing they might not be successful competing the already superstars.

The world would be devoid of Harry Potter and his amazing series.

You would have never got your favorite restaurant in your locality.

Music would not be so much music without your favorite rock band.

So, what is it that stops you?

Why do you fear of not creating a space for you?

You can definitely win.

Trust me, you have the potential and you will surely be the next blogging superstar.

2) It’s hard to carry on blogging:

Blogging definitely needs your best patience and will power.

It’s difficult to get a voice for yourself amidst this crowded place but tell me a battle that was easier.


you will need to work harder for the first few months.

You may have to post regularly without seeing the sun or going out for a vacation but…

…believe me you are doing a noble job as your post might bring a smile on someone’s lips and solve someone’s problem.

Your hard work will be paid off when people will start recognizing your work and become your fan.

3) I have no followers:

Yep, no one follows you.

But, tell me one thing:

what exceptional you have done to make people follow you?

If you were your potential reader, why would you follow your blog?

In order to get followers you need to produce epic content.

You need to network with others and create a name for you.

And the best thing to do that is to blog.

Blog as if this is the last profession in the world.

Write content that is class in itself.

Try to solve your readers’ problems.

Tell them a story.

Storytelling is the essence of blogging.

When your readers will start noticing your work they will definitely try to follow you.

So don’t concentrate on followers.

Focus on giving your readers epic experience reading your blog and they will definitely become your followers.

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4) Nobody appreciates me:

For getting appreciation, you need to appreciate others.

Blogging is always a social game so you need to brush up your social skills too.

Try reading five blogs of others related to your niche daily.

This will give you the needed boost to write on your blog too.

In my starting years, I faced writers block frequently.

It is this technique that instilled a competitive spirit in me.

While I saw their blogs updating regularly I got motivated to write mine too.

This way I produced content worth appreciation.

5) I cannot grow this business:

Blogging is a full-time job for many.

Many pro bloggers are not only living life lavishly through blogging but also are a source of earning for other bloggers.

They hire content writers, moderators, editors, graphic designers, web designers and so on to enhance their blogging experience.

This way they also help these people earn a living.

Similarly, you too can live life with your conditions and also be a source of earning for others.

Blogging gives you all the opportunities to grow.

If you think money is a motivator for your growth, don’t worry and work towards making money from your blog.

Sign up to an affiliate program like shareasale (I earn almost 500$ per month only from shareasale). Or apply for AdSense or any other ad programs like infolinks.

Read: How I made $470 Through Shareasale Affiliate Program.

Once you build your blog a bit, you can get sponsored posts that pay you for writing reviews for products.


if you want you can sell your own product to your readers, provided you already have built an audience for your blog.

Imagine if your blog gets 1000 visits per day and only 2 of your readers buy your product (or eBook) worth $5 then you will make an additional $300 per month. And this is a great start.

6) I am getting no one to motivate me:

You are a fan of Chris Borgan?

Oh you love Guy Kawasaki?

Got it, I am your favorite blogger?

Great! Thanks.

Now how can your favorite blogger help you?

Get in touch with them.

Though you can contact them via social channels I suggest emailing them would be appropriate.

Just speak out how much you appreciate their work and what you love about them.

Tell your favorite blogger that he has changed the way you blog.

All these should be genuine and not appear cheesy.

After this you will feel better.

Ask them for advice on how to be successful.

You can tell them your dilemma and ask them what they did to get motivated for blogging.

7) No one contacts me:

There is no blogger that does not have created a positive effect in the mind of a single blogger.

If your loyal reader doesn’t contact you, you contact him instead.

Break the ice.

Start an email newsletter.

Autoresponders like GetResponse are the best way to send timely emails to your readers.

The bonus is you don’t have to write messages to welcome or contact each blogger.

Use an autoresponder to set up a few timely email campaigns.

You can set it to deliver every 15 days each time a subscriber signs up till the next two months.

This way you don’t have to write emails each time one signs up.

Once you build a community your readers will contact you on their own and you will soon be the talk of the blogging town.

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Final words:

Blogging is much more fun than the easiest job.

You only have to keep patience.

What are your secrets to getting motivated? DO write in the comments section.

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