How to Rank#1 in Google Search : Video by Matt Cutts 1

How to Rank#1 in Google Search : Video by Matt Cutts

We all know what does it mean to rank#1 in Google, and real keyword fights being when you are targeting ranking position 1-2 or least 3rd.

One thing, which I often talk to my students in SEO consultancy and that is about Why can’t you Rank #1 in Google. When you are producing high-quality content, and still you are nowhere to be seen in first few pages of Google, it’s a waste of time and resource.

How to Rank#1 in Google Search : Video by Matt Cutts

Unless you are not ranking for your desired Keyword in Google, you are not only missing out traffic but an immense opportunity to make money. Probably, that’s one reason white hat SEO is never dead, and it will never be.

Quick Way to Rank #1 in Google:

Well, before I share the real deal of ranking in the #1 or at least on the first page of Google, here is a cool mash-up video of Matt Cutts, where he talks about how anyone can get the no.1 ranking in Google search. Before you take this video seriously, it’s a funny mashup video and doesn’t have real value in teaching you to quick way to rank better.

How to Rank#1 in Google Search : Video by Matt Cutts

But if you are aware of basics of SEO, this video is going to make your laugh out loud and if you like it, feel free to give this post a shout.

After video, I will also add some of the tips, which will help you to increase your search engine ranking:

Video credits: Sam Applegate

If you never heard about Matt Cutts, he is Google engineer and he is quite popular among SEO community for his videos tips, which he shares on Google Webmaster YouTube channel here. .

Can we Rank#1 in Google?

Most of the Bloggers and Webmasters I know, they never bothered about search engine position and kept working on creating new content. Nothing is wrong with this strategy, but if your target is to minimize your effort and get better results, it’s time to work smartly and not working hard alone.

And yes, ranking on the first page of Google is not tough but it’s not going to be an easy pathway. You have to work on lots of factors and have a proper strategy for content creation, content promotion and generating backlinks. I have added useful resources below, which will help you to understand every process in detail.

Before Penguin update, Backlinks alone boosts your ranking but post panda and penguin world, it’s changed too many factors. Like Anchor text variation, quality of sites giving you backlinks, Site SEO structure, and many other signals.

So here is quick checklist for better ranking in SERP’s:

I’m not going to talk a lot about complete set up of your site for SEO advantage. I have covered a part of the same in my WordPress guide resource page.

  • Perform a Keyword research (Use Google Planner tool)
  • Keeping Keyword in mind work on OnPage Optimized Article ( This covers the maximum part of your SEO effort, as you not only to make sure your post contains all the elements of On-page SEO but also give unique and detailed information regarding your Topic)
  • Keep Outbound Link SEO in mind
  • Maintain a decent Keyword density with LSI word
  • Promote your post on Social media site (Use Monarch or SumoME plugin)
  • Use SEMRUSH for Tracking Keyword position
  • Use Guest posting campaign to boost ranking of the Keyword
  • Of all the Social media buttons, I highly recommend to integrate Google plus button on your site. Above mentioned plugin (SumoMe) does the job really well.
  • Read Google SEO guidelines here.
  • Use Clean permalink
  • Instead of just creating a Website with content: Work on creating a brand. Establish yourself as an authority in your niche. Social media is your best solution here and work on the promotion of Google plus brand page, which will also help in getting more Google pluses.
  • Work on improving user experience on your site: Load time, navigation, related post, Internal linking, Call to action, ad placement, readability.  You can use Google analytics, to get all above vital details for free.

The key here is create a valuable Website on any topic. You also have to claim your authority by integrating Social media signals on your site.

Serious business websites, should use tools like SEMRUSH and find out your competitors SEO details, and work on above strategy for higher search engine ranking.

Well, as we say there is no shortcut to success and this is so true here when we talk about search engine ranking. But, with a targeted goal and smart work, you can achieve anything.

Is int it?

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How to Rank#1 in Google Search : Video by Matt Cutts
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