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Content marketing or promoting your blog posts can’t be ignored. Writing quality content isn’t easy. You need to devote loads of time in research and collecting the required data. Not only that, sometime you need to put your money too to generate killer content.


  • Are you getting the worth of your time and money?
  • Are you promoting your content, the right way?

Note: Only Social media promotion can’t give you success. Do whatever needed to deliver your content to the targeted audience.

Promoting content means being highly active on Social media, blogging communities and other places.


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If you are not getting traffic to your blog, you must need to know the best strategies to promote your blog posts. So, here the question is:

How To Promote Your Blog Posts?

There are many experts with different content marketing strategies. What will be better than learning form those experts directly.

I requested to 8 influential bloggers to share their content marketing strategies with BTT readers so that we all can learn directly from them. And I’m grateful to these big personalities for their quick response.

So, here are the best Content Marketing tips by Experts:

How To Promote Blog Posts: Expert’s Tips!

Ryan Biddulph

Read his tips

How To Promote Blog Posts: Expert’s Tips!

Mi Muba

Read his tips

How To Promote Blog Posts: Expert’s Tips!

Nirmala Santhakumar

Read her tips

How To Promote Blog Posts: Expert’s Tips!

Kulwant Nagi

Read his tips

How To Promote Blog Posts: Expert’s Tips!

Anil Agarwal

Read his tips

How To Promote Blog Posts: Expert’s Tips!

Atish Ranjan

Read his tips

How To Promote Blog Posts: Expert’s Tips!

Sam Adeyinka

Read his tips

How To Promote Blog Posts: Expert’s Tips!

Aditya Nath Jha

Read his tips

How To Promote Blog Posts: Expert’s Tips!

#1 – Ryan Biddulph

Getting more traffic is a karma thing. To get value in the form of more traffic give value in the form of: creating helpful posts, aggressively promoting other authority bloggers, and commenting in depth on authority bloggers websites.

Think of it this way: to GET you must GIVE. This is why promoting authority bloggers aggressively is a quick, easy and painless way to drive traffic to your site. It’s the Golden Rule, or karma, at play.

Whatever you wish to get, give out freely. If you want blog visitors help other people get blog visitors. If you want to make money through blogging help other bloggers make money through blogging.

As for creating helpful posts to drive traffic the way to do this is to write, write and write some more. Even if you don’t publish posts daily you’ll want to write at least 30 to 60 minutes daily. The more you write, the more skilled you’ll become at writing, and the more traffic you’ll attract.

If you don’t have 30 to 60 minutes daily to devote to writing, shift your priorities. Become a blogging dynamo by writing like a champion. I’ve published over 3400 posts to my old blog and will publish 1 in-depth, thorough post every 1-2 days to my new blog. Why? Well, I like living in Fiji, in paradise, and I want my blogging buddies to do the same. It’s all about finding your emotional driver, the reason which pushes you to follow the simple, practical tips which will bring you blogging success.

As for blog commenting I’ve used a few strategies, but the best by far is to comment only on authority sites in your niche, and to treat comments like content. Write 2, 3 or 5 paragraphs. Anybody can do it. Think about publishing a mini-guest post. This ensures that serious readers of the blog, who scan comments and are looking for new blogs to follow, will find you. Even if you’re the last commentator out of 100, take logic out of the equation, and remember that karma, or Golden Rule scenario, again and again. You WILL drive traffic when you add value to authority blogs from your niche through in-depth, comprehensive commenting.

Blog commenting is a strategy that can bring hungry new readers to your blog.

How To Promote Blog Posts: Expert’s Tips!

#2 – Mi Muba

Earlier the role of on-page SEO was so bigger to promote your post but now after a lot of changes in search engines criteria to welcome a post off-page SEO has replaced it.

On-page SEO doesn’t die, but it got secondary position while the main boost to your blog post is off-page SEO.

But, here again, a big change occurred. Earlier off-page SEO meant the huge numbers. Huge number of back links with whichever way you could have acquired they worked well to boost your posts PR. But now quality rules the roost.

So to promote your blog post you should keep following the on-page SEO rules without any over-smart move and do robustly off-page SEO without any compromise on quality.

It means no cheap, tricky, purchased or grabbed back links. Just focus on quality of your contents, on-page & off-page SEO and social media optimization will boost your post gradually but permanently.

How To Promote Blog Posts: Expert’s Tips!

#3 – Nirmala Santhakumar

  • Every blog post has self-promotion ability. Yes, if you select proper keywords related to the title of the post and include them at appropriate places in good quality content with its substitute words (Synonyms), then they would have self-promoting capacity. This is my basic blog post promotion method.
  • Social media and social bookmarking promotion comes next.
  • After this, I used to take part in famous blogging communities to shout about my blog post.
  • Connecting with influential bloggers would help a bit in this matter. If they mention or like, tweet and +1 your post, your blog posts would get elevated.
  • Having good relation with other bloggers, blog commenting, using attractive images and building email list with targeted audience are some of the upright blog promotion tips.
  • Try to use automation tools like buffer, Doshare and Justretweet to spread your blog posts when you feel tired or busy.

How To Promote Blog Posts: Expert’s Tips!

#4 – Kulwant Nagi

I always share my articles on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. By doing this I bring my articles in front of my regular readers, so they land on article and start sharing it.

I have decent number of subscribers on my blog, so when I write an important article, I broadcast mail to all my subscribers.

In short – the very first step to promote your blog post is – build readership of your blog first. Once you are a known authority in the industry, people start sharing your stuff automatically.

How To Promote Blog Posts: Expert’s Tips!

#5 – Anil Agarwal

There are lots of thing you can do to promote your blog posts. First of all you should keep it as the first post on your home page for decent amount of time so that it received the much needed exposure. It will help your post in receiving more social shares and comments.

Then you should also share your posts on your social networks of interest. You can even think of asking some of your friends and fellow bloggers to share your posts on their social networks. You should leave comments on some of popular blogs in your niche with the post you want to promote and do some guest posts to send more targeted traffic and links to your posts.

How To Promote Blog Posts: Expert’s Tips!

#6 – Atish Ranjan

There are many ways you can follow to promote your blog posts. I am not sure if my tips fall into expert category and work for you too but these ways are working great for me and are worth trying. Here are those:

#1 Write comments on CommentLuv enabled blogs just after posting a blog post on your blog

Blog commenting is surely not the best way to promote but if you do as I am suggesting, believe me you will get the good number of comments, shares and engagement on your each blog posts.

My idea is, when you publish a blog post on your blog, you need to expose it to others, right? And to do that if you post comments on commentluv blogs, you would be able to show the link of your last post.

This way your post title will be seen by that blog’s audience and admin, if they find the topic interesting there are chances that they come to your blog to read the post.

Bonus tip: Write attractive post titles because while posting comment link’s anchor text shows the title of your post in commentluv section.

See the screenshot below to understand the idea in better way:

How To Promote Blog Posts: Expert’s Tips!

#2 Make use of your social assets

Make use of your social assets such as Facebook fan page, Twitter handle, Google+ brand page, Pinterest board etc. After posting your blog post, do share the article on your social assets with some intro text.Intro text is must because it is the one which create curiosity in the audience to visit the link or re-share. Just sharing link doesn’t work well.

#3 Share other’s blog posts:

This is somehow like Give and Take policy. If you share other’s posts on social media, they would likely to share yours as well. This process might be slow as many people don’ notice who all are sharing their posts but gradually they notice the consistent shares you do, then they start sharing your posts as well.

#3 Set proper time for email Delivery:

Set a good timing for your email delivery. If you deliver emails when your audience is sleeping and till they wake up and open their emails, many more emails reaches to their mailbox pushing your email backward. So, set a proper time when you think your audience be active and if they get your email during that time, there increase the chances for your email to get opened.

#4 Use better images in Blog posts:

Using attractive images allows you to grab a good chunk of traffic from Pinterest and stumbleupon. I am doing the same for many of my posts and I am getting very good results.

#5 Use powerful words in the post to make it more shareable:

Above ways are the things you can do to promote your post but you should do something with your blog posts that make it more shareable.Make use of the word “FREE”, “Ultimate list of”,”How I got my first $1000″ etc. This kind of words and phrases make the post attention grabbing and shareable.

#6 Run contests:

Contests/giveaways are being shared by most of the audience visit to your blog. They do this to win the contest. This can help you promote your whole blog because once people come to your blog and share the contests/giveaways, other people get to know about your blog, hence increase in audience which can result into more shares and engagement on the blog.

We at Techtricksworld, do run many giveaways and we notice that we get new visitors and so many shares.

How To Promote Blog Posts: Expert’s Tips!

#7 – Sam Adeyinka

Chris Brogan once said, “Creating blog posts should be a 20% thing while promoting the posts should be 80%.”

In that light I take promoting my content seriously and that’s what has gotten me out very quickly.

Not to talk too much, here are some of the ways I promote my contents:

#1 Social Networking Sites:

Social Medians is one thing that cannot be overlooked in this jet age.

Constantly, more people are getting on this networking sites and being on them is actually a no-brainer.

You know I’m talking about the likes of facebook, twitter, linkedin, google+, Triberr, reddit, stumbleupon and several in their millions.

#2 Syndicating Sites:

The first one that comes to my mind here actually is Did I mention it’s the coolest of it’s kind? You could even make money from simply being active and posting meaningful and valuable comments.

Bizsugar is one other cool syndicating sites I can’t do without.

Klinkk, Blogengage, GetBlogtraffic,, Storify, and lot more.

#3 Blog commenting:

I can’t do without this one. Know why? One of the things I love about blogging is meeting and relating with people and the best way for me is by commenting on other bloggers blogs.

I comment on at least 20 blogs every single day, be it dofollow or nofollow blogs, I don’t care about, not even about the backlinks. All I care is relating with the owner of those blogs and starting a lasting relationships with them.

Blog commenting is a surefire way to achieving quick success.

I can actually continue listing several other ways I promote my blog posts but these are some of the key things I do to get my blog posts in front of my target audience.

How To Promote Blog Posts: Expert’s Tips!

#8 – Aditya Nath Jha

Content marketing, what is it?

Is it just two words or something which can change the future of blogging as we know it.

Millions of websites out there, almost 27 million articles being shared every day, four new websites being made every second and amongst all of these websites how will yours stand out? HOW?

You need to have a unique voice of your own in order to get heard. By voice I mean a unique online presence, such a high level of authority that whenever people read your content they know that very moment that it is you.

Developing such an authority needs you to market your content to as many online portals as possible which already have a high level of audience interaction and exposure.

What can be the action plan for your content marketing strategy?

These following points are not to be ignored for any successful content marketing strategy, especially in this time and age:

#1 Getting a blog setup:

A blog which revolves around your service and your company’s core ideals can boost readership and independent signups for your service!

#2 Email lists are still in:

Despite rising usage of social media and other forms of communication, Content marketing is still mostly reliant upon Emails. This is mainly because emails generate the highest leads and give the best conversion rates.

#3 Use professional communities for building networks:

Google+ and LinkedIn are the places to be in if you are a content marketer. You can find likeminded business owners on both the platforms and this makes getting your content out in the open much easier.

#4 Do it yourself:

For sure there are people who can write awesomely present out there. But no one understands your business and services as much as you do. So try and keep the content writing part under your guidance or within your reach to make sure the right message reaches your target audience!

#5 Build an inclusive strategy:

Now that it’s proven that content marketing can benefit your search engine optimization efforts as well as your social media marketing strategies so you must focus more on getting your content out there. The right people will find you at the right time, just make your content accessible and readable and most importantly visible everywhere!


  • Promote others’s content
  • Share your posts on Social Media and blogging communities
  • Use automation tools like Buffer, Doshare, JustRetweet etc.
  • Start building your email list
  • Comment on Authority blogs
  • Connect with influential bloggers
  • Run Contests/Giveaways on your blog
  • and, keep writing high-quality content on your blog.

How do you promote your blog posts? Leave a comment below!

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