How to Install Genesis Framework and Child Themes on WP Blog? 1

Most of us would want to use a reputed, SEO optimized, fast loading and responsive theme for our blog. In this case, themes on Genesis have no competition.

In case you are still wondering what genesis is let me tell you that Genesis is a framework for WordPress blogs by Studiopress which supports various themes that are made exclusively for the framework.

Many times, I have come across readers who want a complete step by step guide to install genesis framework and child theme on their blog. It is, therefore, I am writing this tutorial to install genesis framework on your WordPress blog.

What is Genesis Framework?

Genesis framework is a robust SEO optimized foundation for your WordPress blogs that supports themes specifically made for it. These specific themes are called genesis child themes.

You only need to install the framework once and keep changing the child themes as per your wish. When there is an update (which they do to keep you updated with the standards) you can update the framework and your child theme stays intact.

It is the product from Copyblogger media which is the bible of the blogging world.

Why Use Genesis Framework?

Genesis framework is by far the most successful theme production by StudioPress. You have got tons of responsive, and HTML5 themes from them that match up to every need for your blogging endeavour.

If you are still in a dilemma of choosing Genesis or not let me tell you the advantages of genesis framework.

1. Trusted by pro bloggers

It is trusted by star celebrity bloggers themselves. Chris Brogan, Darren Rowse (the pro-blogger himself), Jay Baer and even Matt Mullenweg, the founder of WordPress uses it himself.
How to Install Genesis Framework and Child Themes on WP Blog?

2. SEO compatible

It has high level inbuilt compatibility with SEO like meta tags, canonical URLs etc.

3. Faster loading time

It has significantly faster loading time. Pick up any pro bloggers’ sites I am sure you will find them running on genesis. Reason they all know that faster loading time can positively impact your readership.

4. Not so expensive:

Genesis framework and child themes come at nearly half or one-third the price you would pay a designer to get you a desired theme. Genesis comes with free support that will assist you to design and customize the themes.

For other awesome features please read my detailed review of genesis framework.

How To Install Genesis Child Themes For WordPress Blogs:

In this tutorial to install genesis framework on your blog I will walk you through the various steps involved in the process ranging from download your genesis framework to install child themes on genesis.

Step 1: Get genesis framework:

In order to keep safe and benefit from your genesis installation I strongly recommend you to refrain from downloading genesis from any free genesis download sites as they will be nulled (malwares and codes inserted) and may get your blog de-ranked or even hacked.

So I suggest you to buy original genesis from the studiopress official website.

Tip: Instead of buying one child theme try buying the whole package as it is cheap and you get a whole range of themes to change as and when required. This package comes with free download of all future genesis themes too.

Step 2: The installation process:

After purchasing and downloading the genesis framework you are possibly left with little or no work to be done. Here is how to install genesis on your blog.

  1. Log in to your dashboard
  2. Go to appearance > themes

How to Install Genesis Framework and Child Themes on WP Blog?

  1. Click on Add new and then upload theme

How to Install Genesis Framework and Child Themes on WP Blog?

  1. Choose genesis from the folder you have stored it on your PC and click Install now

How to Install Genesis Framework and Child Themes on WP Blog?

  1. After uploading it will ask you to activate the theme

How to Install Genesis Framework and Child Themes on WP Blog?

  1. You are done installing the Genesis framework.

Step 3: How to choose the best genesis child themes?

Genesis child themes are a plethora of awesome WordPress themes. These are the ones that you need to install. If you have bought a full package of Genesis you must be having all the themes or you can install the single one you bought.

I suggest you to go with magazine pro theme for multi-niche blogs, which is a very awesome theme. Businesses can start with enterprise pro or Whitespace Pro. And for food blogs the best genesis theme would be foodie pro.

Anyways the end decision is yours after all it’s you who will decide the best looks and functionality of your blog. You can check out some of the cherry picked best child themes from Genesis.

Step 4: Installing the Genesis child themes:

After choosing your Genesis child themes, we will head towards uploading it which is similar to the steps we covered for uploading the genesis framework.

Go to appearance > add new theme > install and activate it.

Step 5: customizing your theme:

In order to get the look and feel of the demo theme version of your child theme you need to customize it. For this follow these steps:

  1. Go to appearance > click customize
  2. A left bar appears in which you can customize your theme settings like site title, site appearance and side bar placement. You can also edit and adjust your footer widgets settings here while previewing the same on the right side.

How to Install Genesis Framework and Child Themes on WP Blog?

Step 6: SEO Settings

Remember I had told you previously in the post that genesis doesn’t need any third party SEO plugins. Genesis SEO settings can be done by going to Genesis > SEO settings. Here you can add your meta tags and other SEO details. If you use a plugin like WordPress SEO by Yoast you can ignore this step.

Step 7: Essential genesis plugins:

After installing genesis framework, you need to install certain plugins that will ease out your work.

  1. Genesis responsive slider: Adds a responsive slider to display your featured image, post title or excerpt too.
  2. Genesis simple sidebar: this plugin allows you to customize/create new sidebars and add those sidebars to specific pages and layouts of your themes.
  3. Genesis design palette pro: This plugin is handy for those who don’t know coding. With it you can change the CSS, appearance of your theme without touching any code. Read full tutorial here.
  4. Simple social icons: Adds a beautiful set of social icons to link your social profiles to.


So how was the post on installing genesis on your WordPress blog? It was a walk of ease I guess. That’s how genesis is. It is the most popular and the largest theme provider in the world. So, why wait? Get genesis now and start ruling the online world with a strong voice and firm SEO.

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