The SEO industry is an extremely tough world. Every serious marketer knows that by heart.

And even if you show up on the first page of Google for a competitive keyword, still, you want nothing more than to occupy that in-demand spot – position 1.

Hey, you already have a performing post. Let’s say it ranks fifth. But deep inside, you know you want more.

What’s all the hype about the number one ranking in Google, anyway?

Here’s the plain and simple truth: Your Google keyword ranking can make or break your business.

Just imagine for a moment that you’ve finally dominated the top spot. Your traffic skyrockets. Basically, you attract 33% of all search traffic. Not only that, you become ten times better than your competitors in terms of credibility, conversions, and sales – the ultimate goal.

Probably by now, you’re saying to yourself that increasing your ranking is impossible.

Let get this thing clear: It is POSSIBLE to boost your position for a high volume keyword.

What you need to do now is follow the strategies in this article. Combine these tips with dedication, consistency, and creativity. Sure enough, you’ll get to that winning spot.

‘Nuff said, let’s get started!

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