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Few days back Shoutmeloud has published a post on How to index your website in search engine within 24 hour. We talked about how you can submit your site to analytic websites and they will help you to show you in search engine.

Gaining new backlink is utmost important for anyone who is planning to rank higher in the search engine. There are many methods that one could follow to start gaining backlinks. Some of the methods are quick and fast and a few methods like borken link building is slow but helps you in getting high value backlinks.

Here are a few notable methods that one should know to start building quick backlinks to your domain:

  • Broken link building method
  • Submitting website to web stats platform (The one that I have discussed here)
  • Guest blogging
  • Write testimonials
  • Get interviewed
  • Participate in round up posts

The last 3 methods are most effective when you are already a known person in your industry. If you are new in your niche, you can focus on building a strong presence by using some of the well-known techniques such as:

How To Get Quick Backlinks From High PR Sites
  • Branding (Color + Avatar)
  • Commenting on popular blogs in your niche
  • Engaging in Twitter chat in your niche
  • Speaking at a forum
  • Hosting webinars
  • Interviewing experts in your field/industry

Now, getting back to this quick method:

This is a method to get your site indexed quickly and receive high PR backlinks at the same time. It is as easy as submitting your site to who is sites and analytics sites.

How To Get Quick Backlinks From High PR Sites
Free Backlink

Sites such as:


Are great for getting high quality backlinks in no time. You can easily do a web search and find thousands of these websites. Generally, submitting your site is as easy as looking it up. Most sites do not even require registration!

Using this method you can quickly get your site indexed. Spiders crawl these stat sites constantly. I have been able to get sites indexed in under 24 hours by simply submitting my site to 10 or 20 of these sites.

These sites will most likely bring you no traffic. That’s okay though. The purpose of this method is to get indexed quickly, or to get high PR backlinks in no time at all. Enjoy backlinking!

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How To Get Quick Backlinks From High PR Sites
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