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I’m really excited for you. Do you know why?

Within 2 minutes, you’re going to discover few simple ways to find the right affiliate products to promote.

Last week, we’ve talked about increasing affiliate sales. Today, we’re going to discuss the most important factor, “how to find the right products to promote?

You can increase your affiliate product sales only if you are promoting the RIGHT products to your audience. Without doing that you will literally make no sales.

Let’s get started!

Before jumping into the details, I want to discuss the mistakes most people make while choosing and promoting their products.

3 major mistakes to avoid when choosing affiliate products

If you’re new to affiliate marketing, you’re bound to make few dumbest affiliate marketing mistakes. Avoid them to become a successful affiliate marketer to increase your overall passive income. So let’s talk about the 3 major affiliate marketing mistakes most people make.

  1. Promoting products you don’t use: Most beginners make a mistake of promoting products they don’t use. You may ask, what happens if I promote the products I don’t use. The answer is, making money from affiliate marketing is all about building trust. How can you build trust and write convincing product reviews about the products you promote without actually using them? Start promoting the products that you personally use and satisfied with.
  2. Promoting irrelevant affiliate products: This is counterintuitive to the above point. Even though if you’re promoting the products you use, if they don’t belong to your target audience then there’s no use of promoting them. For instance, if you have a marketing based website, by promoting health related products won’t give you any sales. You need to make sure to keep your audience in mind while choosing the right products as an affiliate.
  3. Promoting too many products: By promoting too many products you can make more sales and increase your passive income, right? Wrong! Don’t make your website a “product promotion place”. If your visitors find that you’re promoting too many products, they simply don’t care about your business.

Let’s now get into the details of finding the right products to promote as an affiliate.

How to find the right affiliate products to promote

1. Know your audience needs and wants

This is a no-brainer. If you want to promote the right products, find out who your audience are. Figure out their location, gender, age group, problems they face etc. This way you will be able to promote products that exactly match your audience needs and wants.

If you randomly start promoting products as an affiliate, you will end up getting zero sales.

You may ask how to find out what my readers truly really want? There’s a simple way to do it.

Survey your audience – Use your email list and ask your readers simple questions like “what’s the one problem you’re currently facing?”. Then find out the products that are helpful in solving their problems.

For instance, if they are struggling with traffic, you can promote products like, eBooks written by SEO experts or any SEO plugins that increase website traffic.

What if you don’t have an email list? You can use social media sites like Facebook and twitter or you can also use tools like Qualaroo on your sites to get answers from your audience.

Surveying your target audience is the simplest way to find the right products to promote as an affiliate. Now, we’ll move on to the next step.

2. Spy on your competition

Create a list of 10 to 15 top websites in your niche. Then find out all the products they are promoting. Also, analyze how they are promoting their products to reach wider audience.

Ask yourself these questions while spying on your competition.

  • How many products are they promoting?
  • Are they using banner ads on their blogs?
  • Are they creating product reviews to promote their stuff?
  • Do they have an email list? If yes, how big it is?
  • How frequently are they updating their blogs?
  • How big is their social media presence? And how is it helping them to make more product sales?

Use tools like SEMrush to spy your competitors’ keywords and backlinks. Write better content and outrank them.

When it comes to online, you don’t really have to invent anything new, just follow the wheel and you’ll succeed. Most bloggers are successfully making money by selling products by following what worked really well for others.

If you spend time on answering the above questions, you will figure out how spying on your competition can actually help you in selling products.

3. Perform keyword research before promoting

Your task won’t complete if you find the right products, you will also have to look for the most profitable ways to reach wider audience to make more sales.

Did you know that organic visitors (people who come from search engine traffic) are mostly the hungry buyers? They are actively searching for web to find the products that solve their problems.

If they land on your blogs or websites and find the right products they are looking for, they will buy almost immediately.

That’s the reason why most successful affiliate marketers focus on increasing their traffic from search engines. If you want to increase your affiliate sales, research profitable keywords for your products first. Then, use those keywords sparingly on your blog posts to increase your overall search traffic.

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  • Keyword Difficulty Analysis – Learn How to find Perfect Keywords!

I recommend you to use keyword research tools like LongTailPro, Google’s Keyword Research Planner for finding great keywords for your products.

Using ClickBank to find the right products to promote

Finding the products that sell is the KEY to increase your affiliate income.

If you want to be a successful affiliate marketer, you should first find a marketplace to choose the right products to promote for your audience. Fortunately, using marketing places like ClickBank, ShareASale etc, it’s really easy to find and promote the right affiliate products on your websites.

ClickBank: Since 1998, ClickBank is the largest marketing network that helps marketers to create and sell digital products. Did you know that for every 3 seconds, a product gets sold out on ClickBank and there will be around 30,000 transactions occur each and every day across 190 countries?

Here’s how to find the products on ClickBank to promote.

Before start searching for the products on ClickBank, make sure to know the type of audience you have. What do they really want? Are they looking for Internet-based products or any specific plugins to solve their problems? Once you understand your target audience, your next step is to use ClickBank to promote the right products.

Step 1: Click on this link to visit ClickBank’s marketplace and select a category where you’re interested in.

How to Find the Right Products to Promote As An Affiliate?
Clickbank Marketplace

Step 2: Check the Gravity of the product you want to promote.

Now, instead of Sorting your results by “popularity”, sort by “gravity” because the most popular product might not be the BEST selling product.

How to Find the Right Products to Promote As An Affiliate?
Clickbank product gravity

The more Gravity a product has the more popular it is. A product with over 50 Gravity is usually considered as a good selling product. So always look for the products that have an average of 50 Gravity.

Step 3: Find the best products that suit your audience and start promoting on your websites.

Note: Apart from ClickBank, I also recommend you to use ShareASale. It’s also a great marketplace for bloggers and marketers who want to find the right products to sell. Here’s my detailed review about ShareASale affiliate network.

In a nutshell: Don’t promote the products unless you know your target audience. Promoting the right products is really not a rocket science, you just need to know your audience wants and needs. Make sure to do a proper keyword research for the products before you promote, analyze what your competitors are promoting and survey your audience to know what they are expecting from you. That way you will not only be able to find the right products to promote as an affiliate but you will be making their lives better. After all, that’s what successful affiliate marketing is all about – making each other’s lives better.

Let me know your thoughts on finding the right products to promote as an affiliate. Do you have any questions? Please leave them in the comment section.

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