How to File DMCA Complaint for Copied Content? 1

The biggest issue in blogging world is the copied contents. You spend several hours in creating high quality and original articles and then you discover that your contents have been copied by some other bloggers.

It is practically impossible to stop copy-paste of your articles, however after discovering such blogs which are publishing your works, you can file a DMCA complaint against it. You can use online Plagiarism Checker tools to find out the such copy cats.

Google gives you the option to report to them about the duplication of your content and if they find enough proofs, they will take actions either by removing the content or completely deleting the blog.

Important Note: Whatever you write in your blog naturally becomes your copyrighted work and you are the owner of the work. So, you can surely file a DMCA complaint without any need of a lawyer. ????

Why you need to file a DMCA Complaints for the duplicate content

1. The most important part is the work is yours. How can somebody else claim it. You have invested your time, energy, mind and money in creating it.

2. Google has introduced algorithms to find duplicate content and penalize the websites. An algorithm cannot determine which is the real one and there are high chances that your blog/website faces a penalization from such algorithm leading to a drop in quality and your earnings.

How to file a DMCA complaint

1. For filing a DMCA complaints, Go to DMCA Complaint Form.
2. You will be asked to provide your Contact Information.
How to File DMCA Complaint for Copied Content?
3. After filling up the contact information, you need to provide information about the copyrighted content.
How to File DMCA Complaint for Copied Content?
Be careful while filling in the details. You have to provide accurate information to Google.

4. The forth step is of Sworn Statements where you digitally sign giving the clearance that the copyrighted materials are not authorized by the author.
5. You also have to confirm that all the information you have just provided are accurate and you are the copyright owner of the work that has been copied.
6. Fill up the date and your signature.
7. Submit the details and your DMCA complaint will shortly be processed.

Some important points regarding the DMCA complaints:

1. Fill out all the mandatory fields.
2. Give as much explanatory details as possible.
3. Do not represent yourself as a false copyright owner. This may expose you to liability for damages(including costs and processing). You may even be fined for such false claims.

Final Words: Google gives an option to file a DMCA complaint for your work which is copied by other. By filing a DMCA complaint and providing all useful information, you are taking a step to fight against copyright infringements.

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