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One of the best ways to get free, targeted on-demand traffic is by making effective use of SEO. SEO constitutes a major portion of shoutmeloud’s traffic and I also get a good deal of traffic from it. SEO is also very important because of the type of quality traffic you get for it – SEO traffic converts better than most traffic types. This post will be detailing how you can take your blog to the next level of SEO.

How to use SEO to dominate Search engines?

Playing With Keywords

Keywords are the most important element of SEO and I wouldn’t even recommend you to give SEO a trial without first doing a bit of keyword research. It is very important to have researched the keyword you would like to rank for before even registering your domain name because having your keywords in your domain name helps you improve your chances of ranking for the keyword.

There are a lot of great tools you can use when trying to do effective keyword research for your blog/website and one of the best free ones out there is the Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

How to Dominate The Search Engines With SEO Plan

Once you know your keyword it is also important to consider some of the following factors:

  1. Make Sure Your Keyword is Not Over-Competitive
  2. Make Sure you have a solid link building plan
  3. Make Sure You are not competing with only authority sites – If it is Big sites like wikipedia, amazon and ebay that are ranking for a particular keyword on Google then you might find it hard defeating them.
  4. If at all you will go for a very competitive keyword make sure you choose a keyword rich domain name because this will improve your chances of ranking for competitive keywords.
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Optimize The On-Page

After you now have your keyword, the next very important step is to optimize your site’s on-page factor. Some of these factors are the meta description and the keyword usage.

Here are some tips to consider when optimizing your on-page factors:

  1. Use your keyword once or twice in your website title.
  2. Use your keyword more than once in your meta description.
  3. Make sure you always use your keywords properly in your blog posts.
  4. When going for a super competitive keyword make sure you write more posts about the keyword you are trying to rank for, for example, if you want to rank for nintendo wii then let the majority of your post be about nintendo wii.
  5. Make sure you update your blog regularly, you can update it as often as you want but try to update it at least once a week – the more you update, the better it is.
  6. Be very careful about how you use outbound links (link to websites), you wouldn’t want to link to black hat guys practicing unethical marketing.
  7. Make sure you practice good internal linking by using anchored text keywords to link to internal pages and posts on your website. You can use plugins like SEO Smart link and WordPress insight for better linking.
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After making sure you have improved on the above 7 points then we can move on to the next factor.

Off-Page Factors

Over 95 percent of your rankings will be determined by factors outside your website i.e. off-page factors.

Links control the web and that is why it plays a major role in search engine rankings. When trying to improve your search engine rankings it is very important to build backlinks to your website because this goes a long way in improving your search engine rankings.

There are a lot of factors to be considered when trying to build backlinks to your blog. It is very important to know the type of backlinks you will get because all links are not created equal and dofollow links from high authority sites are more important than just any type of links.

It is also important to make sure you get links from relevant sites in your niche, it wouldn’t be advisable to get links to a technology blog from a fishing blog because the search engines will begin to become suspicious of your site thinking you are already practicing some shady tactics.

You can read this post on how to get quality backlinks.

Now in 2012, one thing which has changed a lot is social media metrics. Google started giving more weightage to Social media signals like Google plus, Tweets, Delicious save and so on. So, make sure you implement social bookmarking iconson your blog and encourage users to share your articles.

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It is also very important to try as much as you can to improve your social media score because this also plays a huge role in off-page search engine factors.


The above are the tips I use to dominate the search engine rankings, if properly done then you will begin to get great SEO results. Feel free to share your great SEO tips in the comments section.

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How to Dominate The Search Engines With SEO Plan
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