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It is a known fact that Twitter links are ‘nofollow’- but do not let this stop you from engaging in link building via Twitter.

The point to be noted here is that Twitter links will help you build your credibility to a great extent. Moreover, these links will also help you move up in Search Engine rankings.

What is the one of the biggest benefit of Twitter link building? 

Well, you receive traffic and clicks by those who are highly relevant to your network or niche. These are users who have common interests with you. The result is that you get better, higher quality links-which eventually lead to the bigger goal- better conversions.

How to Do Link Building Using Twitter

Here is a list of Link Building Tips using Twitter:

Twitter and Google

Even if you do know this, read it again to memorize better Google bots filter Twitter quite often. That is why every time you do a search, the results include Tweets on the term too.

The focus of Google is to cater to the users’ need of catching up with and about what’s happening. The need for information about real people is recognized by Google and hence the ‘real time’ search results.

For SEO purposes, you must work towards getting quality links from Twitter, and that too on a regular basis.

Google keeps a close watch, and compares what Tweeple say about your brand as compared to your competition. So, if you get a thumbs up from Twitter users, Google will pat you on the back too!
How to Do Link Building Using Twitter

Work On Locating Your Niche

By niche, it is meant the people with similar interests, in other words, your target audience. You have to research your niche on Twitter.

Find the Twitter accounts of the top ranking websites in your niche. Once you have set aside these accounts, research the people following the account.

 There are various Twitter directories, to help you find and locate these people. Twellow allows you to find the category matching your circle and then provides you with a list of the top people. is a Twitter directory, and that leads you to like-minded people on Twitter. What’s more, it is packed with extra features like Twitter news, statistics and interesting user profiles listed daily.

The site also gives you a profile page that comes with ‘dofollow’ links to your Twitter Profile and also to your website. However, the process involves you signing up, and once you get the approval, only then will you get the cherished profile page.

Twitter Search Also Works –

The task of locating the right people, of finding your circle and coming closer to your niche is to use the Twitter search engine. Twitter has a  search engine so that the search is better and cleaner and faster. On this interface, you may look for people in your niche, like-minded people-Tweets, and pages. Your keyword can also be used to search the niche here. Type it in the search box and find out what is being Tweeted about it and by whom. More on Twitter Search here.

Another essential tool is the hashtags. These are keywords, and you can search for the ones related to your niche. The results will lead you to the Twitter users, who are Tweeting about it. So you can see their profiles. Then you can judge from their profiles whether you may be able to network with them. Do not forget your niche.

Network With The Right People –

This step comes in function now, as you know where your top influencers are located. You must filter them even further- until you have the ones that are the most relevant and fit your niche perfectly.

To begin with, follow a top influencer, then follow the most popular ones in their lists. Keep the chain going by exploring the lists of all who are influential. Off these people, follow only those who generate the most interest and response among their followers. Now comes in your personal touch.

Bring out the social networking buff inside of you. Interact with the people you follow. Tweet-Retweet-comment-interact in every way you see possible.

This will draw their attention to you. You have to make them notice you first, and then they must find you interesting enough to interact with you in return. You must have made a strong connection with these influencers before you ask them to share your link.

How to Do Link Building Using Twitter

Develop Your Lists And Favorites-

Twitter lists can be really helpful. They are sorted users, handpicked even, that are related and relevant to an issue. Now you have to create a list of people who you think will work wonder for you. Who will share your links and promote your interests. Everyone has lists on their profile. Even the top profiles. Follow this easy step to get to people’s lists-


You will now have the number of followers neatly displayed in the list. Keep on the lookout for the best lists corresponding to your niche.

There are tools like Listorious to help you search for Twitter lists. With this tool you get to see how many people are on the list and see how many followers they have.

To Conclude –

 Twitter gives you a huge platform of relevant people; that share your interests. You have to follow these people and make a connect. Then pitch to them, and they will share your link.

But do that only when you have convinced them that the content you are providing is genuine and of relevant interest. Since these people are top influencers, you will get highly relevant clicks by the people with similar interests.


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How to Do Link Building Using Twitter
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