How To Do Keyword Research for Affiliate Marketing? 1

As a blogger, you would already know about the many ways you can make money online and you might also know about affiliate marketing and consider it as the best one to make online income.

I have to say this, affiliate marketing is the best one out there and you can create a passive income source with it.

For those who still don’t understand what affiliate marketing is, I will tell you about briefly. Affiliate marketing is basically promoting someone else’s products and when you make a sale, you get a certain percentage of the sale price as commission.

There are many networks out there like Clickbank, ShareaSale, Commission Junction that provides a wide variety of products to choose from. These are the sites that sell digital products but if you want to promote physical products then the best one is Amazon.

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So if you are looking forward to promote products and make commission from each sale then today I am going to share you the easiest strategy to do that with very less work.

The article is about keyword research for affiliate marketing. You might have already read a lot about keyword research but this one is different because we are going to see how to find buyer keywords after choosing a product to promote. So let’s get started with the article.

Keyword Research for Affiliate Marketing

The first thing you will have to do is sign up with an affiliate network like Clickbank or Amazon. For this article, I am going to find a product on Clickbank and do some research on the potential keywords that can generate some income for me.

Step 1: Go to Clickbank and find a nice product to promote

When you are looking for a product on Clickbank, there are certain things that you need to consider before choosing one – like the sale price, the commission percentage, the refund rate and the most important of all, the gravity of the product.
How To Do Keyword Research for Affiliate Marketing?
You should have understood everything except for the Gravity. The gravity of the product is the number telling you how well the product is selling. The higher the gravity, the better the product sells. Any product having a gravity of 100+ should be considered good and the ones with 200+ are the best to promote. But if the gravity is not high enough, that doesn’t mean that the product doesn’t sell.

When you login to Clickbank, go to the Marketplace and on the left side you will see some filters. Choose the minimum gravity as 50 and you can leave the others as it is or change them according to your needs.

Here I am going to choose the highest converting offer on Clickbank – the Venus Factor.

It is a weight loss product so a lot of people are going to spend money on it and seeing the gravity of the product, it sells like crazy!

Step 2: Look for Potential Keywords

Once you have chosen your product, the next step is to login to Google Keyword Planner and start researching for keywords. (or use some other best keyword research tools)

To do keyword research for affiliate marketing the easiest way, you just have to enter the main keyword – in this case, its “weight loss” – and hit the Get Ideas button.

How To Do Keyword Research for Affiliate Marketing?

You can use other filters like changing the target country, changing the language, set the minimum average monthly searches and others. I don’t like setting any filters so I just add the keyword and hit the Get Ideas button and that’s all.

It will then search for monthly searches for the keyword and all its related keywords as well. By default, it will show you to Ad Group Ideas so you need to select the Keyword Ideas tab to get the keywords.

How To Do Keyword Research for Affiliate Marketing?

If you are getting High competition keywords then don’t worry. Keep on looking for the right keyword. Just keep on checking the next pages, even if you have to go to as far as 10 pages but you will surely find some profitable keywords.

Keyword research is not easy and the reason is that the highly profitable keywords are always hidden and to find them you will have to spend some of time looking for it.

So unless you find a Low competition keyword, don’t stop looking for it. And remember one thing, if you find a Low competition keyword and its average monthly searches are around 5000 or more, then just note it down but don’t think you have found a great keyword and don’t start working on it.

We are looking for around 2000 monthly searches or at most 3000, but the lower is always better to rank faster in search results.

If your keyword is a buyer keyword, then you can put in more efforts to rank the site if the monthly searches are higher.

How To Do Keyword Research for Affiliate Marketing?

As for my keyword, I found a potential keyword, a keyword that people will spend money on, on the second page itself. The keyword I found is – “weight loss success stories”. Though the monthly searches are a lot higher, but since the keyword can bring in a lot of money, I can work on it. And also the weight loss niche is a highly competitive niche.

The reason I chose this keyword is that people love to read success stories and they want to know how they did it. So with this keyword I can easily promote the product.

And the other reason is that I can easily get the content for the site – real success stories – by just contacting the product owner.

So remember this one thing whenever you research for a keyword – it should have low-competition, the monthly searches should be as low as possible and people should be willing to spend money on the keyword you choose.

The lower search volume will always be better. So if I find a keyword with less than 1000 average monthly searches, I would most definitely work on it.

Step 3: Check the Search results

When you have chosen the keyword, it would be a better idea to first look at its search results before buying a domain name.

So enter the keyword in the Google search box and go through the first 20 results. Most of the sites will be high authority sites, but you don’t need to worry as you can beat them with proper link building.

All the search results for my keyword – weight loss success stories – are of authority sites and most of them were published almost a year ago. So that makes it easy for me to provide the most updated content and then use the Skyscraper technique to build high authority links to my niche site.

What to Keep in Mind?

When choosing a keyword, the most important thing you have to keep in mind is that it should have low competition and don’t worry about the search volume. Even if the search volume is less than 1000, and has very low competition, you will be able to easily rank your site without building a single link.

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The other thing is that you should always choose buyer keywords. Have a look at the example below to better understand the concept.

“Healthy Snack for Weight loss”, “Weight Loss Workouts” –This is not at all a buyer keyword because people who search for this keyword are just looking for some snacks that they can eat which are low in calorie and can help them in weight loss.

“Weight Loss programs”, “Weight Loss Success stories” – When people use these search queries, they are looking forward to buying the product. They are looking for the best programs that they can join to lose weight and for the success stories and what they did to lose their weight. So these are considered as buyer keywords because people are ready with their credit cards in their hands willing to spend money on the products. The last thing you have to know is what type of link building will work to rank the site.

If the site is having extremely low search volume monthly and low competition then it will rank in a few weeks without any backlinks, provided that the content on the page is amazing.

Otherwise, you will have to spend some time on building some backlinks to your site. You can refer to this article on NichePursuits on how Claire Smith makes over 5 figures a month with NO link building.

In short, follow this – a highly converting product > low competition keywords > average monthly search volume as low as possible > buyer keywords – and you will surely profit from it.

So that’s all for now in the keyword research section. Next time, I will try to come up with an article on how to write content for your site so that it can rank without any backlinks. Content is extremely important and that’s the reason it would require a complete article.

Till then, let us know whether you liked the article or not! Let us know your views about doing keyword research for affiliate marketing in the comments section below.

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