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Backlinks to your blog are very essential. Having a safe link building profile is even more essential. I have listed a huge list of natural link building techniques in this post. Today we will discuss one more source of building safe backlink (which works post penguin update) i.e. directory submission.

Blog directories are often overlooked and thought to be spammy, but if done safely these are great untapped sources of dofollow backlinks plus exposure for your blog.

This detailed tutorial on blog directory submission will walk you through the whole process of finding blog directories, registering in them as well as safe tricks to get quick approval.

What are Blog Directories?

Wikipedia describes blog directories as huge databases that list websites based on categories and subcategories. Most directories take up the whole website submitted into one category or niche rather than individual pages or post.

For example, if you have a blog in blogging niche but do write one or two articles on social media, your blog will be categorized to blogging niche rather than both.

Most blog directories are free to enroll, but some paid ones also do exist which have perks of their own.

What is Directory Submission in SEO?

Blog directory submission is the process of listing your site to various directories or databases under the correct category or sub category. Be sure to submit your site under the most appropriate category to take the full advantage of blog directory submission. Check this directory submission process:

How To Do Directory Submission in SEO?

What is the Use of Directory Submission in SEO?

Blog directories make your blog visible beyond the realms of your own blogging circle. Here are some of the benefits of joining blog directories that make the process do lucrative.

1) Get quality and safe backlinks:

Most blog directories are manually supervised for any wrong submissions. Hence, these sites are spam free and are a potential source of building SEO friendly backlinks. Some blog directories also provide dofollow backlinks. Imagine what benefit can getting the 10 dofollow backlinks from 10 submissions have on your blogs ranking in the SERPs.

2) Getting massive exposure:

Let’s face it. Your audience is the key to your blog’s existence. You have your own set of audience from a particular demographic region. How about crossing those limits and getting seen by an even larger audience.

Blog directories display your site for every related search query on their database. That means more chances of getting noticed by audiences that would otherwise have no idea on your blog.

3) Chances of getting review requests or paid post opportunities:

Some web directories are so active and because these directories are popular and usually have quality blog submissions these are the best (and easiest) places for businesses to look for paid review postings.

Since you are a member of these directories your website is visible to these brands. The chances are higher you get business opportunities from them like sponsored reviews or banner advertisements on your blog.

4) Increase in blog’s overall earnings:

Considering the above facts, we can say that submitting your blog to directories can help you in getting review requests. Moreover, they increase chances of your blog getting discovered so you have an increased audience base.

An increase in audience is directly proportional to increase in earnings through any monetization method you have set up on your blog.

How to do Directory Submission for SEO?

Now that we know what blog directories are and how they can help us in blogging, not signing up would be a mistake. So here are some simple steps to get your site submitted to various blog directories and make backlinks.

Step:1 Some pre-submission work.

Before submitting your site here is a simple task to perform. This will actually help in easy submission without much hassle.

  1. Create a notepad file and save the following there.
  2. Your blog URL,
  3. Your blog’s RSS feed URL,
  4. Your social profile links.
  5. And a brief excerpt describing your site (some directories need this.)

Step: 2 Find some awesome and huge lists of blog directories. You can find two most popular blog directory lists here and here.

Step: 3 Choose the blog directories based on your choices, like number of blogs associated, PR of the site (if you are solely considering backlinks), alexa rank, domain authority, no. of indexed pages in Google etc.

Step: 4 Suppose you choose a directory named

Step: 5 Choose a relevant category for your submission.

Step: 6 Dig deeper to choose a preferable sub-category.

Step: 7 Choose the category/sub-category that fits your blog’s niche accurately.

How To Do Directory Submission in SEO?

Step: 8 Once you found the appropriate sub category click on submit your site on the top right of the page.

How To Do Directory Submission in SEO?

Step: 9 Fill on the details from the notepad file you just created.

How To Do Directory Submission in SEO?

Step: 10 Submit.

Voila you’re done!

Certain tips for safe playing:

  1. Do not submit your site to the wrong category in lieu of lucrative listings and earning opportunities.
  2. Submit your site to the most accurate sub category.
  3. Do not spam a directory.
  4. Do not provide wrong physical address or blog stats.
  5. Do not prefer submitting to a site that requires reciprocal link back or banners on your site. Having badges and sitewide linkbacks to the directories may harm your site’s SEO score. So stay safe.

Over to you

I would always say submitting to blog directories is a must and SEO friendly way to get backlinks. Even if we ignore this aspect, there are huge chances of getting your blog discovered by audiences that otherwise would have never come across your blog.

Therefore, I suggest getting listed in at least a few honest and popular blog directories for SEO benefits.

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