How To Delete Blogger Blog Permanently? 1

Blogger is one of the popular blogging platforms which allow us to create 100 blogs without worrying about bandwidth.

There are times when you come to the decision that you will need to delete your blogger blog.

This is very hard decision for any blogger but the reason for deletion of blogger blog can be one of the following:

  • You messed something up in your blog.
  • You may not like the appearance of your blog.
  • You may not be able to manage your blog.
  • You may want to keep your blogger account simple and clean.
  • You may have a blog which is abandoned for years and collecting spam comments only.
  • etc.

Once you decide that you want to delete your blogger blog, you need to follow some steps to remove it.


So let me take you through the steps:

Deleting Blogger Blog Permanently

Step 1: Login to blogger account using your Google Account.

Step 2: Select the blog which you want to delete permanently. Make sure you select the right blog if you have more than one blog in your Blogger account.

How To Delete Blogger Blog Permanently?

Step 3: Go to Settings > Other.

Step 4: Click on Delete Blog link. Delete blog link can be found in Blog Tools section on Other Page.

How To Delete Blogger Blog Permanently?

Step 5: Download your blog before deleting it permanently. To download blog, click on Download Blog option. (This step is optional)

Step 6: To delete your blog, just click on Delete This Blog.

How To Delete Blogger Blog Permanently?

Step 7: Now if you want to delete your blog permanently then, on the next window click on Delete Permanently button.

How To Delete Blogger Blog Permanently?

So as of now, you must have a clear understanding about how to delete a blog on blogger.

The deletion process is quite simple and straightforward.

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Deleting Blogger Blog – Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to remove blog URL from Google Search results?

Once you delete blogger blog, your URLs will be automatically deleted from Google in some days.

But if you want to delete them immediately then you can submit a request from Google search console.

Once you submit a request, Google will review it and remove your URLs from its search.

2. Can I recover my blog once I delete it?

Yes, one can recover deleted blogger blog in 90 days after the deletion of it.

So if you change your decision, then you can recover your blog from your account in 90 days time.

3. How can I recover the deleted blogger blog?

Blogger allows you to recover your blog in 90 days time.

To recover your blog, you just need to login into your Blogger account.

From there, go to Deleted Blog.

Then you just need to click on Undelete to recover your deleted blog.

Final Words:

Deleting a blogger blog is easier than you think.

You might face difficulties if you forgot the login details of your blogger account.

Otherwise, the process is very simple.

Follow the above steps and let me know if you still face any problems.

I would like to help you out.

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