1. Creating an about us page for your blog

The about page is probably going to be the most visited page of your blog because every reader that comes would want to check out who you are, what your mission is and what they can expect from your blog.

Writing your about page is simple, you just need to give an introduction to yourself.

After that, you could talk a bit about your blog and what topics the readers can expect from it.

If you’re providing any services or are open for any business deals, it is also good to mention those here and link them to separate pages you will create for them.

Lastly, don’t forget to add your social channels like facebook page or profile or Twitter handle to get them to follow you over there.

2. Writing your privacy policy and disclaimer page

Privacy policy and disclaimer pages add legal clarifications as to how your site uses your visitor data and to what factors you are liable to them and what not.

These are important pages that you should create before launching your blog publicly or applying for any monetization programs like AdSense.

Now, there is nothing to be scared. These pages can be easily created or generated without much technical knowledge.

Here is how to create your privacy policy and disclaimer pages in minutes.

3. Writing your first post

Now it is time to write posts or articles that you want people to read on your blog.

These can be topics that you have expertise in or keywords that you want to rank for when people search them on Google.

To write a post, go to your blogger dashboard and select the option “New Post.

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