Google’s View on Guest Blogging for Building Links To Your Website? 1

One of the topics which I have discussed in the past is is it worth asking for links while guest posting and there is no doubt, after Penguin and Panda updates, Guest blogging comes out as one of the most lucrative ways to generate high-quality backlinks.

From last five months, I have noticed a great increase in the number of guest posts submitted at ShoutMeLoud, and needless to say, almost 40% of such articles are written just for a backlink. Now, I have one simple question to ask you:

What makes your Blog and an article directory different if you allow any links via Guest blogging?

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I have already talked in detail about the same, and you can read about it here: Are you turning your guest blog into Article directory?

Google’s View on Guest Blogging for Building Links To Your Website?

One major reason I’m discussing this topic, because many of ShoutMeLoud readers allows guest posting on their blog and many of them don’t realize the negative impact of the same.

If you are aware of Penguin update, which penalizes sites getting low-quality links or sites giving away too many spammy or low-quality links, you might not like to jump the wagon of blogs allowing guest posting.

Especially, when Google is gearing up fast on any link spam, I’m sure many of you might not like to see your hard work go away because of one free guest post with a low-quality link.

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Google’s Opinion on Guest Blogging for Backlinks?

Now, there is no doubt that for the time being Guest blogging is a credible source for earning links but the question is how long it will survive?

Especially, the way Guest blogging ecosystem is being gamed by SEO’s and spammer, it’s not far that guest blogging on any blog will not be the best way to generate links.

Matt Cutts shared a video on Google Youtube channel about How Google sees the links coming from guest blogging and some good practices for guest blogging. This video is targeted for bloggers and also for link builders.

Here is how you can get started with high-quality links via Guest Blogging:

  • Create a brand for yourself as an author.
  • Accept only quality articles which add value.
  • Don’t accept spun article.
  • Don’t link out to irrelevant domains. Read: Outbound links for SEO
  • Also, while accepting guest posts, make sure topic should be same as your blog niche.

Most of the tips and advice are given by Matt Cutts in this video, I have already published a similar guideline for Bloggers on How to accept guest posts on your blog, which will solve most of the problem with filtering high-quality and low-quality content.

Now if you are wondering how do you differentiate between low quality and high-quality guest article, head over to SML earlier article on How to judge high-quality content and if submitted guest post fulfills the criteria, you can publish it on your blog.

If you are a Blogger or link builder, you can refer to my earlier guide on How to craft guest posting campaign for kickass exposure.

Do let me know what all criteria you have set for your blog before accepting any guest posts? Do you think in future Guest blogging will not be the best way to get high-quality links?

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Google’s View on Guest Blogging for Building Links To Your Website?
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