Google Panda Algorithm Launched Globally for English Users 1

We all are aware of Big Google panda algo which affected almost 12% of search engine andGoogle Panda Algorithm Launched Globally for English Users many online business lost their presence and many online business got extreme exposure. Google Panda algo was initially rolled out in U.S and Google already informed that they will be rolling out this algo for every country in some time.

Finally Google team announced the launch of Panda algo Globally to all English-language users.

Here is excerpt from official announcement post:

Today we’ve rolled out this improvement globally to all English-language Google users, and we’ve also incorporated new user feedback signals to help people find better search results. In some high-confidence situations, we are beginning to incorporate data about the sites that users block into our algorithms. In addition, this change also goes deeper into the “long tail” of low-quality websites to return higher-quality results where the algorithm might not have been able to make an assessment before.

So now if you are one of those who were affected by Google panda and seeing less traffic after 24th Feb, you might notice more drop in your traffic. If you are affected by Panda effect, make sure you work on your blog SEO and make your blog better and gain your lose traffic.

Google Panda Algorithm Launched Globally for English Users

Do let us know if you also noticed any difference in traffic drop after panda algo went live?

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Google Panda Algorithm Launched Globally for English Users
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