Google Page Rank 3 for a Website with no Content: Case Study

SEO is something which you learn with experience and it’s more of trial and error method. Many things which I have learned with time and one of them is long tail keywords work better and more over backlinks created via commenting helps you a lot.

update: Google page rank is gone. Instead look at another factor call domain authority

Here I have played with some new project and wanted to see if I can create page rank for that blog without working much. As a test project I started with creating backlinks just by commenting and nothing else.

Google Page Rank 3 for a Website with no Content: Case Study

The domain which I’m talking about is which is going to be my next project for some service.

Google Page Rank 3 for a Website with no Content: Case Study

Domain Details:

  • Domain bought on: 19/02/2010
  • Domain Page rank as of Sep 27th 2010: 3
  • Domain name:
  • Website Platform: WordPress
  • Theme: Genesis WordPress theme
  • No. of Posts- 0

So this domain was bought almost 7 months back and at the time of writing it has a page rank of 3 with total no. of posts= 0. I know it sounds really amazing but this Page rank 3 is a result of this SEO test.

The idea is by blog commenting. Blog commenting is one of the best way to drive traffic and build backlinks for your domain. In this case I commented on many High PR blogs and especially one using top commentator or recent commentator WordPress plugin. This resulted to drive backlinks from some High PR sites and within a month (last PR update), that new domain Page rank increased to 3 from 0.

Page Rank and Traffic:

This is most common myth that page rank helps you to drive traffic and this is not true. Imagine the above-mentioned blog have PR 3 and you must be expecting at least 100-1000 visits a day. But the fact is at this moment this new domain doesn’t have even 50 traffic/month.

Other Steps which I followed:

  • Used SEO optimized WordPress theme
  • Created Sitemap for Blog
  • Submitted Sitemap to Google, Bing, Yahoo
  • Added Meta tags, meta keywords
  • Onsite SEO optimization of WordPress


Commenting helps you a lot in gaining Page rank and building backlinks. If you build high-quality backlinks, chances are high to get a page rank within next PR update.

I also recommend checking SEO checklist .

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Google Page Rank 3 for a Website with no Content: Case Study
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