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Google Insight search is one very useful tool for any online marketer and or bloggers to find popular Keyword for their next project or blog post. In this we will look into some of the ways, we can use Insight search for our benefit.

Getting organic traffic is the best method of traffic to monetize your blog from AdSense. Though getting traffic fromthe search engine is not easy and you need to optimize your blog post for search engines. This include many parts like sitemap submissions, WordPress permalink, nofollow, dofollow, building backlinks and so on.

Apart from above points, it’s always a good idea to write about current trending topics in your niche to get more traffic and drive more visits from the search engine. A trending topic, is something which people are searching the most at the current moment. For example at the time of facebook download information update, people were searching for this news for next 24-36 hours, and many bloggers who managed to get on first page of search engine received good traffic from search engine.

Google Insight search :

Google insight search is a free tool from Google to know about popular keyword people are searching over a time. You can change settings to meet your requirement and thus you can write posts which may last for ever or posts which can drive traffic for a limited time.

Google Insight Search : Find Popular Keyword (Trend Topics)

Google Insight Search : Find Popular Keyword (Trend Topics)

For Example, my blog posting about gadgets like Nokia Phones, Camera and other. I will choose one category for Nokia phones. Now one thing is true about Gadgets blog is any new launched phone is search a lot for the first couple of weeks, and after that, it shifts to another phone. For example, right now people are searching about Nokia N8 or Tata docomo 3G service, but after a certain time, they will shift to some other newly launched mobile phone.

How to find popular Keyword Using Insight:

So the idea here is to write a post about the phone which people are searching at this moment.

Open : Google Insight Search

  • Insert at Search terms: Nokia,
  • Filter setting : Web search,
  • Country: India
  • Time range: Last 7 days.

Google Insight Search : Find Popular Keyword (Trend Topics)

You will see the Rising search list like c7 Nokia, Samsung galaxy and etc. This list is a popular keyword for Nokia phone and gadget mobile phones. Now you have 10 list keyword ideas.

Google Insight Search : Find Popular Keyword (Trend Topics)
Nokia Rising Search

After that try to find information about 10 list popular keyword where you get from google insight search. Post this information with keyword includes in your title post example for the first keyword for C7 Nokia become “C7 Nokia Price in India”.

You can change settings like time, country and so on, to target your post for certain countries or to drive more traffic from certain countries. Just to let you know, traffic from countries like U.S and U.K. are most helpful for maximum adsense earning.

This way you can get more post ideas and more over your article will drive more traffic to you. Using a keyword tool is always a useful and great way to write targeted posts for search engine and also for your readers. Since you will be writing about something which is trending and probably your regular readers would be searching for same info, this way you helping your blog in both the ways.

Do let us know if you take help of any keyword research tool  to find popular Keywords or use Google trends to write articles for your blog?

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Google Insight Search : Find Popular Keyword (Trend Topics)
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