If you’ve noticed BloggerTipsTricks over the years, you’ll find that I give special importance to website design.

When I was starting to grow my blog, I saw that despite epic content and tiring social media promotions, BTT was not getting the attention it deserved.

I realized that my site design was something my audience could not relate to.

I tried a lot of themes some were awesomely feature-rich while they made my blog to load forever and others were sleek but lacked features that would grow my traffic and give my content exposure.

Finally, I switched to Genesis, and I could feel the growth.

The themes were perfectly fast (even when I was using HostGator at the time) and still had features like different layouts among other things.

It was a perfect combo (along with resourceful articles) that has helped me scale my blog to the level it is today.


Please be noted that I no longer use Genesis on this site now (I use them on my other niche blogs, though) because my priorities have changed here.

I have already scaled this site in terms of traffic and exposure, and now I am using Thrive Themes to convert this traffic into sales.

If you are interested to know the differences between both of them, you can read my Thrive Themes vs Genesis article.

In this article, I will talk about Genesis Framework and how this can change your blog’s performance in no time.

What is Genesis Framework?

Genesis Framework or themes by Studiopress (a product of Copyblogger Media) are the undisputed kings in the premium WordPress themes section.

They offer a range of premium themes that are known for their features like rock-solid security, clean coded (thus, fast loading) and SEO optimization.

The reason for their popularity is backed by numerous authority bloggers who trust them for their blog.

Sites like QuickSprout, Problogger.net, etc. are powered by Genesis Framework under the hood.

When I was in my initial stage, I also leveraged themes on Genesis Framework to grow my traffic and take my blog to a position where it supported my living single-handedly.

I don’t vouch that a theme alone is responsible for growing an authority blog, but it is also true that give all conditions are same (website copy, article quality, etc.) a good blog theme can significantly boost its growth.

Who is the Genesis Framework Review for?

Before we proceed, I want to make it clear that I recommend themes on Genesis Framework only to those who want to take their blogs to the next level.

If you are a hobby blogger or don’t care if your blog converts into sales or not, this isn’t for you.

How Genesis Framework can Help You?

Genesis Framework and its child themes come in a ready-to-use package that you can use out of the box.

If you are a non-coder like me or someone who doesn’t want to invest time in these things (and instead focus on your business) then having something like Genesis Framework is a no brainer.

In this section, I will list out why you should choose Genesis Framework.

I am in no way trying to sell you out something I don’t use or trust.

You’ll only find out how this theme can help you.

#1: Inbuilt SEO Compatibility

The basics of any online business are the search engine presence and getting readers by ranking the SERPs.

Having a theme that is optimized for search engines is a must in this case.

You can always use SEO plugins like Yoast (follow this Yoast Plugin Tutorial) or All in one SEO, which will enable you to optimize your blog up to the post level.

But there a lot of sections where these plugins are simply useless.

Schema Markup

One such feature is schema markup.

This is where you need an optimized theme and Genesis Framework, and all child themes are schema markup supported.

In case you don’t know what schema is, it tells search engines what your pages mean.

It attracts readers and improves CTR by providing information (like whether your URL is about a food review, an article or event or product recommendation) directly on the search results page.

How can it benefit you?

With a schema supported theme, your results will stand out on the SERPs.

This will also increase CTR and thus more visits.

Schema markup tells your visitors what the content is about, even before clicking on your link.

Thus you only get targeted traffic that doesn’t bounce off.

Other notable SEO settings include:

Document Title Setting

Genesis allows you to set up your home description and title.

You can even decide on the placement of your description whether you want to keep it on left or right.

Robots Meta Tags

In case, you want to make your site nofollow, noindex or noarchive, this can be simply from SEO setting.

Canonical URLs

Generation of Canonical URLs is one of the essential requirements of a blog.

If you change any URL in future, then the new one should be redirected to the old one.

Canonical helps in this case.

How can it benefit you?

Having a theme that understands and supports essential SEO settings makes you independent of a plugin.

You can no doubt use Yoast or All in one SEO along with the Genesis Framework, but you don’t have to be dependent on them.

#2: Fast Loading Time:

Genesis themes are cleanly coded.

They have all the features you need to turbocharge your website but doesn’t onboard any overwhelming features that would mean a slow, laggy site.

The main demerit of the fancy, modern themes (read ThemeForest) have is they make them super bloaty just by adding features to woo the buyers.

50 layouts, 70 types of button designs and 43 ways to have your menu are all gimmicks to sell you something that would increase your load times like hell.

Makers of Genesis Framework know this fact for sure that loading time is crucial for your rankings and so designed it to load fast without the need of external plugins.

Here is a test I did on my fellow blogger and one of the top WordPress niche blog owner Devesh Sharma’s blog, WPkube.com and the results of this Genesis powered site is amazing.

How can it benefit you?

According to a research, 47% of the readers expect a site to load within 2 seconds and a delay of 3 seconds or more can cause 40% of your readers to leave your site.

It is needless to say that lost traffic is lost money.

Since, loading time of a site is also a ranking factor, having a theme that reduces your blog load time is helpful.

#3: Minimal Coding Requirement:

Like I said, not all know coding (it isn’t necessary either) and so Genesis Framework comes with easily customizable settings so that you don’t need to touch the code section at all.

The child themes also come in a great variety, so it fits your demands no matter you want an e-commerce website, a writer website, a theme for your food blog or a magazine theme for fashion and news blog.

How can this benefit you?

Having a theme that supports front-end customizations like changing link color, changing home page layouts, adding a different sidebar for a separate page is helpful when you don’t want to dirty your hands with coding.

With Genesis, they also offer a range of child themes to choose one that matches your blog’s need.

#4: Nicely supported after sales approach:

Genesis developers over at Studiopress ensure to keep it updated with the latest developments and keep it compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

So that keeps your worry away from compatibility when you want to download the latest version of Genesis.

Support from Genesis is easy and multi-optional.

You can get a support ticket with StudioPress, or you can open a thread in the support forums and of course help from web designers are available.

There are some great Genesis guides available which are developed by Genesis developers for working with the Genesis Framework.

Even Google search can help you with various tutorial programs for free.

We have a massive community support of Genesis users (and perhaps the largest).

That means if you are using Genesis, you are with the most committed and proactive team of support for your technical doubts and worries.

How can this benefit you?

I have been with numerous theme shops whose support forums decay with unanswered queries.

Believe me, it sucks.

With premium support, you rest assured that if something is broken, the people over at Studiopress have your back covered.

#5: You won’t lose your custom settings after every update:

Genesis themes are known to send frequent updates.

These aren’t a nuisance but a blessing that makes your site more secure, and more updated with new SEO trends and requirements.

These updations come without hampering your customization Genesis has special child theme which gives your site a very different look.

You can just customize the child theme instead of changing the Framework as a whole.

I will explain…

…Suppose you love the way your site looks.

Now a week later you need to update your Genesis version.

You can update without having to compromise with the outlook of your site.

The child theme will remain set as it is because the customizations are stored in the child theme.

Genesis also has simple import/export feature which allows you to download all your theme’s settings along with the SEO setting you have done for the current site (using Genesis, not Yoast) as a json file.

This way you can import it to other sites using the same theme or other Genesis themes.

#6: Widget Ready Theme:

Genesis Framework comes with standard widgets inbuilt so that you don’t have to pay a designer/plugin developer to add them onto your site.

These include a matching opt-in widget to collect emails, popular posts widget and others like conversion optimized ad spaces.

Check out this popular Genesis child theme:

How can you Benefit from Genesis Framework?

With all those features discussed above, it shows why you find almost every authority blog using Genesis Framework.

You can use it to:

Increase Traffic

While it is not a proven fact that Genesis increases the site traffic, (it would be foolish to say Google favors Genesis themes) but users often report a rise in traffic after using Genesis themes.

Like I said, I used Genesis Framework (and still use it to power my other niche blogs) to increase my traffic and boost sales.

The simple reason is that people trust a site that has invested in its design and has a professional look over someone that has a cheap or crappy looking free theme.

Don’t just take my words, see what Harsh Agarwal, India’s leading problogger (of ShoutMeLoud fame) has to say about his experience using Genesis Framework.

Get secured themes to power your website

As discussed above, Genesis themes are designed by industry professionals.

They are the industry standards for secured themes.

Often un-updated and free themes are the cause for 29% of the site hacks.

So, it is crucial you have your back supported by someone who is known for this.

Darren Rowse, the owner of problogger.net, trusts his site’s security with Genesis themes.

Increase conversions

When you have a clean theme that is also flexible to enable you various customized widgets you can surely funnel more leads and sales.

Genesis Framework has custom landing pages to sell your products, custom sidebars to add a different sidebar for a different post/page and much more to get that customized look to convert sales.

Any Shortcomings: Cons of Genesis Framework:

Genesis Framework has no shortcomings as far as I can see.

But if you want something that is flashy, has tons of codes and gives you the option to choose from numerous layouts that actually disrupt your site hierarchy, then Genesis might not be for you.

Also, if you want to have an entirely different child theme or a third party Genesis child theme, you have to pay an extra amount for that.

This amount usually not more than $100 and is way less than most custom designed themes done by hiring designers.

Alternatives to Genesis Framework

  • Thrive Themes: Awesomely conversion-optimized, but they do lack in design options. Most of their themes look basic.
  • MyThemeShop: These are beautiful and feature rich themes.


I guess this review proves that why Genesis Framework is the most popular among all the themes in WordPress.

I personally love its code quality and flexibility.

WordPress with Genesis design Framework has revolutionized the ease and potential of what a website or blog can do or can be done with.

There are a multitude of reasons to switch to Genesis Framework which can benefit you, even if you are not a web designer.

With all conviction, Genesis makes your WordPress site way better.

Go check out Genesis Framework and give your blog a boost.

Bonus Section:

Still with me?

Well, I now assume you want to get your hands over the Genesis Framework, and this is a good thing.

As a loyal reader, I would like to see you grow (and perhaps save you some bucks) so I have decided to give you News Pro theme, which is a widely popular Genesis child theme as a bonus gift.

All you have to do is buy the Genesis Framework from this link or any link in this post.

Once done, email me to get your bonus.

Summary: Genesis framework is THE WordPress theme I use on all my sites needing more traffic and exposure. The feature-rich, cleanly coded and fast loading nature of this theme makes it a favorite amongst top bloggers like Neil Patel and Darren Rowse.

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