Top 3 Blogger Outreach Tools to Save Time

 In this section, I’ve outlined my highly recommended tools to fuel your outreach. These will save you time and effort and most of all get you better results. 

1. Ninja Outreach 

Finding thousands of bloggers to work with and sending out effective outreach emails have never been more easy with Ninja Outreach.

All it takes is a simple keyword research.

Type into the tool’s search bar your niche or topic. You will get a long list of prospects along with their descriptions, contact information, website metrics, and social shares for every social network. 

Choose from this list and send them outreach emails that you can track to monitor results. 

2. Tomoson 

Instead of manually finding influencers, Tomoson is another outreach tool that automates the process for you.

Specifically, Tomoson’s Content Crawler discovers blogs, influencers, and micro-influencers.

What makes Tomoson different is that it already has a built-in community of influencers you can easily tap into.

Also, these influencers have price ranges so you can immediately decide which one fits your budget. 

3. BuzzStream 

I like BuzzStream since it focuses on helping you build relationships with influencers because of its email functionalities.

You can monitor all the conversations you have with bloggers and even track your clicks and responses.

But before that, use BuzzStream’s prospecting feature to automatically get a list of prospects based on your queries.

You can even choose individual websites yourself and BuzzStream looks for their contact details and bylines for an easier outreach. Blacklist sites you want to exclude.

Send out emails in bulk or individually for a personalized approach. 

Over to You

Now that you learned all about blogger outreach, it’s high time you start finding the right bloggers and establishing a rapport with them.

Regardless of your outreach goals, never forget that you’re dealing with a human, so you must treat a prospective influencer as such.

You see, blogger outreach holds a lot of potential for you.

By leveraging the influence bloggers have on their audience, you raise awareness for your content, build links, and even land a guest post placement.

I know that most business owners hesitate when it comes to sending outreach emails.

Take the risk and just keep in mind to offer something of value. Soon enough, you’ll be that popular blogger that everyone loves.

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