Backlinks Strategies for Getting High Google PageRank 1

Recently Google updated page rank for all the websites and blogs, and all bloggers wanted to know the factors which can improve their page ranking. Few of the factors are permalinks, keywords, SEO, quality content, apart from all these factors there is one factor which has a high impact on your blog’s Google ranking. This factor is backlinks of your blog. Quality backlinks plays a very important role in getting High Page Rank.

Backlinks Strategies for Getting High Google PageRank

It is not easy to have quality backlinks . You will need to have proper strategy and patience to build backlinks and getting good Google Pagerank. Here are few strategies for building backlinks for your blog:

Think Quality not Quantity:

SEO strategies is all about quality, many bloggers fails in link building just because they think about quantity not quality of backlinks. It is important that you get 10 backlinks from PR4 or above blogs rather than getting 100 backlinks from blogs having PR1 or PR0 Pagerank. Make sure you get PR from same niche website. If you have a tech blog and you are getting backlink from a forex or medical website, that doesn’t make much sense to search engine, and Google might treat is like a paid link. Google never consider backlinks which you get from “ LinkFarm” websites or any link building softwares. In fact there are chances that your blog might get banned from Google.

Backlinks Strategies for Getting High Google PageRank

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Go for Same Niche:

When I started blogging, I made a mistake of not getting backlinks from blogs having same niche. But since I realized my mistake, I started getting backlinks from the blog of same niche or blog which complement your blog’s contents. I started commenting on blog with Top commentator plugin in my niche, Forum postings and tripod link strategy. Google likes the backlinks from same niche, it will surely result in good Pagerank.

Know about Link Popularity:

When a blog is adding your website link either through linkbacks or blogrolls, before linking back to that blog make sure that the blog is not an unethical or banned blog. Check out the details about blog and if you find the blog worth then only backlink to it. Few wrong linking from your blog can affect your blog’s link popularity and will result in degraded Google Pageranking.

Avoid Automatic Backlinking:

There are many softwares and online services available on internet, which will claim you to build quality backlinks but I would suggest you to never choose such method of backlinking for your blog. We all love our blog, why to backlink through such software which might result in loosing Google Pagerank. Always use straight way for link building like sending Emails to good blog, commenting on high PR blogs etc.

There is no rocket science in building backlinks for getting good PR . You just need to keep above points in mind. What strategies you use to get quality backlinks for your blog?

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Backlinks Strategies for Getting High Google PageRank
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