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Keyword rank checking is the most common practice done by SEO professionals and bloggers in order to check if they are appearing on the Google search results for the query they want to appear for.

Further, they take required actions to improve their keywords ranking.

If they are ranking then at which number is it?

Rank checking also helps in knowing who your competitors are on the SERPs (Search engine Ranking Pages) and it is then that you can plan to outrank them.

There are a number of tools to check Google keyword rankings.

In this post, we will concentrate on how to easily and quickly check your rankings.

9 Google Keyword Position Checker Tools

1. SEMRush

SEMrush is professional’s favorite tool which I personally use to know the keywords position of my particular posts.

On SEMrush, you enter the URL of any site or particular page and you get the information about the keywords that page is ranking for.

9 Tools You Can Use To Track Your Keywords Ranking

This professional search engine marketing tool is free to use for several times and for higher usage you can get their subscription.

You can use this SEMrush FREE Trial discount code to try it for 30 Days.

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2. Ahrefs’ Rank Tracker

Ahrefs’ Rank Tracker lets you track rankings for up to 10,000 keywords on both desktop and mobile. You can also see how much traffic each keyword sends to your website, and if you are lucky enough to rank in one of Google’s SERP features.

9 Tools You Can Use To Track Your Keywords Ranking

Since the SERPs vary according to location, Ahrefs’ allows you to track ranking in up to 170 countries. You can even set a specific state or city, if you want to track hyperlocal rankings.

Thanks to Ahrefs’ user-friendly interface, digesting the rank-related information couldn’t be easier. Charts show how your rankings change over time, while filters let you focus on specific keywords.

You don’t have to log in to your Ahrefs’ account each time you want to learn about new changes. Instead, enable email notifications to monitor updates straight from your inbox.

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3. SEO SERP Workbench

SEO SERP workbench is a chrome extension so you don’t have to worry about offline software that might face no updates. SSW is used by bloggers and professionals alike to know their search engine rankings of the keywords. It is downloaded over 79K times which show how useful people find it.

9 Tools You Can Use To Track Your Keywords Ranking

It supports many countries like US, UK and others and you can select a keyword and find the rankings of your site as well as your competitor’s site through the extension.

You can download and use it for instant comparisons and rank analysis and did I mention is it free?

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4. SEO scores Android app

This one android app makes the desktop users jealous for sure. It is a complete SEO toolkit with nearly 32 SEO tools packed into one.

It gives you a score on your ranking, alerts you on blog mentions, gives backlink analysis and helps in backlink comparison and a lot more.

If you have an android set you won’t need tools ever, just install this app and you are set to go.

Here is the process of getting started:

Download the app from the app store > install > restart > add keywords and check rankings: it is as simple as that.

9 Tools You Can Use To Track Your Keywords Ranking

You don’t need to enter the URL again and again which is a time saver as we are using a mobile device. The report is mailed to your email id which is another goodie as you don’t have to export the data manually. This “export” feature is something so useful because most desktop clients don’t provide.

5. Small SEO Tools

Small SEO tools have a big name when it comes to doing SEO sleekly and without much hassle. Mainly it is used for various other purposes like the backlink checker tool.

9 Tools You Can Use To Track Your Keywords Ranking

Its function as a keyword rank tracking tool is very fast and allows up to 20 keyword tracking per request. It supports three search engine visually Google, Bing and Yahoo.

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6. Moonsy’s Google Position Checker

Moonsy has a very sleek feature. Although free it is a powerful tool that lets you check your ranks as well as a competitor rank analysis itself. What else could you ask for a rank checker tool?

Why Moonsy is something most bloggers go for is its clean search page with the coveted functionality to add more than one domains for testing the same ranks of the same keyword.

9 Tools You Can Use To Track Your Keywords Ranking

Using this, you can also add your competitor’s site to compare how rankings have been working for you both.

Try Moonsy’s Google Position checker!

7. Rank Checker

Rank Checker is a Firefox extension by SEObook, which is claimed to be open source and secure.

By secure I here mean that your data is not exported to any SEO company which can manipulate it to their profit.

The extension is completely hosted on your PC and tracks keyword rankings easily.

9 Tools You Can Use To Track Your Keywords Ranking

If you have Google account logged in, you can get personalized report on rankings but there is also an option to turn it off in order to see how you rank for keywords in the search engines in general.

If you want to validate your ranking shown, you can scroll over the number, press CTRL and clicking the mouse simultaneously.

They also have “export as .csv” feature in the extension.

Rank Checker!

8. Keyword Rank Checker by SERPS.com

Serps.com is another free tool that is the best when you are doing searches that are based on countries.

It has a locality based rank tracker and has up to 100 country supports.

9 Tools You Can Use To Track Your Keywords Ranking

Try Keyword Rank Checker

9. SEO Centro

SEO Centro is an SEO based web portal like the small SEO tools and Moonsy. It provides a detailed analysis of your keyword ranking based on three search engines viz., Google, Bing and Yahoo. It supports tracking competitor websites simultaneously too.

9 Tools You Can Use To Track Your Keywords Ranking

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Overall there are tons of tools to check your website and keyword ranking easily and quickly. You can find competition and see what position your keywords have in the search results. By knowing your rankings you can do the following:

  1. Know how your efforts are showing off and if they are not ranking you know what to do to get them on top. You can read how I improve BloggerTipsTricks ranking in search results.
  2. If your keywords are ranking, you can monetize the pages that have high organic traffic.
  3. Most companies don’t rank for keywords and instead pay for Adwords to show their pages in the search results. You can contact them and ask for a deal they can’t ignore as they have been already paying high for Adwords they most probably can’t ignore your deal.

Over to You:

Now that we are having a clear idea of working google keyword rank checker tools, we should better get to work because the faster we work the faster we get the results.

I would suggest trying out SEMrush which is a great tool with no potential competitor.

The good thing is that it also offers other helpful features like backlink analysis, SEO audit and few others.

Which tool you use to check your keywords position?

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