7 Ways to Gain Quality One Way Backlink for your blog 1

The greatest problem which I have ever faced as a blogger is getting one-way links to my blog. As far as backlinks are considered, quality matters more than quantity. It’s like, 1000 PR1 backlinks may be equivalent to just 4-5 Pr4 backlinks.

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Therefore, I am going to share six useful ways to build quality backlinks for your blog.


A high quality Infographic is still the most effective way to earn a backlink. This technique works for not so popular niche. What you really need is a high quality &  informative Infographic. If you have a designer in your team, you can ask him to create one or use any freelancing sites. (See an example of Infographic here).

7 Ways to Gain Quality One Way Backlink for your blog

7 Ways to Gain Quality One Way Backlink for your blog

Once your Infographic is ready, you need to do the reach out to bloggers who are more likely to publish your infographic on their blog. In the source, they usually link out to your website & this is an effective way to create high quality one way backlink.

Comment on blogs using Top Commentator Plugin

This is one of the easiest ways to build backlinks. Many WordPress blogs highlight their top commentator in the sidebar. If you manage to come in the top commentators list, then you will receive one backlink from each page of the blog. That means loads of easy backlinks. Alternatively, you can also target blog with recent commentator widgets which give a link back to recent commentator.

Hold contests on your blog.

This is a great way to both spread your name as well as Build quality backlinks for your blog. Start a contest in which the participants have to blog about your contest to be eligible for winning OR they have to subscribe to your feeds to participate. And the prizes can vary from a Pen drive to an iPhone or even cash. You can also approach products maker in your niche and ask them to sponsor your contest. This may be in the form of a free license or may be in the form of some cash prize.

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Write amazingly informative posts.

This can be taken as a killing multiple birds with just one arrow. Writing researched and highly informative posts is a great way to attract traffic and as well as compels other bloggers to link to it and gift you quality backlinks. Though you should also take advantage of social media to promote your post and let your quality post spread around the web.s

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Guest posting

Guest posting is a great way to popularize your brand as well as gain quality backlinks. Start a guest posting campaign and start writing for blogs, which are popular in your niche. This way you will get quality linkbacks and also visitors and loyal readers.

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Participate in webmaster forums.

Register at multiple webmaster forums like V7n etc.thus, and regularly take part in discussions.Once you have built up a good reputation put a link to your blog in your signature thus,the more posts you make the more links you get.

But, never spam these forums as this will lead to 2 things:

  1. You will lose all your links.
  2. You will lose your reputation.

Thus it is better to go for the cleaner way.

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Do share your tips on Link building? Which method you find the easiest and best way to get one way link?

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7 Ways to Gain Quality One Way Backlink for your blog
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