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Even the most diehard social media enthusiast would agree that Google plus can never be half as much fun as Facebook or Twitter are. Or perhaps Pinterest and Instagram can be, in the near future.

While casual surfers can pick and choose the network they want to or enjoy the most, online entrepreneurs, bloggers and internet marketers cannot choose to ignore Google plus.

Since more G+ shares can improve your search engine rankings, generate traffic to your website and make your posts or articles more visible across Google search, it makes sense to work harder on increasing the number of Google plus followers.

How to increase your Google plus followers” is a question which would, therefore, be of interest to any person who works online for a living.

How to Increase Google Plus Followers?

7 Tips To Increase Google Plus Followers For Best Online Reputation
Here are a few quick tips which you must look into (if you have not done that so far) to improve your G+ presence:

1: Complete your G+ profile

While most of us do create a G+ profile, not many go ahead and complete it by furnishing all the details like education, address, employers, adding a profile picture, etc.

Select the “Edit profile” to add all relevant details to your profile. Also take care to furnish details of all websites and blogs to which you contribute regularly by adding to the “Contributor Section”. This is of utmost importance to claim your Google authorship.

2: Integrate G+ profile with other social networks

This will make your profile look more authentic and will thus help you attract more G+ followers in the long run.

3: Follow other people

You are likely to be followed back by people whom you follow.
Look for people who share the same or similar interests as you and follow them. Besides the possibility of getting more followers, it will help you get more exposure in your chosen field.

4: Help other people

Merely creating a G+ profile and not working on it will get you nowhere. Spend a few minutes on your profile everyday to help other people.

If you are, for instance, an affiliate marketer, look for people who have posted questions regarding Affiliate Marketing or are looking for information on that topic. Provide them meaningful information on that topic, so that they will want to follow you back.

5: Invite people to follow you

Add your Google plus profile link to your Author Bio, to your email signature and invite all friends and family to follow you on Google plus. It would be a good idea to place them in a different circle though, and not in the same circle as your business acquaintances or online contacts so that their profiles do not get spammed by your posts which do not interest them.

6: Add a Google Plus badge

Besides that, adding the Google plus badge to your blog or website really helps. You can add one by checking out on the widgets in your Dashboard. If you know how to place your “Facebook Like box” or “Follow me on Twitter” box, this should be easy for you.

7: Join Google plus communities

Share your posts, views, ideas and opinions with like minded people by joining Google plus communities with similar or same interests as yours. You can even create your own community and invite people to join it.


Follow these simple tips and tricks to attract more followers on Google plus to build up a following for yourself. These tips will surely help you get more G+ followers. If you have any more tips which helped you get more followers, please do share them here with our readers by writing to us via the Comments section. If you enjoyed reading this post, please don’t forget to add me in your G+ circle. Thanks! ????

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