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6 Reasons Why Google Will Penalize YouSEO is all about improving your Website for user experience, and implementing various signals which help search engine to understand your Website better.

For example, when we talk about Google search, we can add star ranking, proper on page optimization and various other factors, which helps Google to determine the authority of our website.

Though, at times we go overboard with our SEO implementation and ends up making our blog look like SEO whore, and n return Google penalize our site. If you are wondering what will happen when Google penalize your website:

  • You will lose keyword ranking
  • You will lose search engine visibility
  • Your traffic will drop
  • In turn, you will lose money

There are many things which we should not do to ensure; we don’t get penalized by Google search or other search engines. Especially, after algorithm updates like Penguin, Page layout, it’s become necessary to ensure that we don’t do any silly or shortcut method to get higher ranking in search. Here I’m outlining few of the reasons which can penalize any website:

6 Reasons Why Google Will Penalize You
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Why Does Google Penalizes Website:

Here I’m sharing six reasons which usually hamper your ranking and Google might penalize your blog.


Do not abuse the algorithm with fraudulent practices, such as the page content has nothing to do with what you Google. Many webmasters take advantage of this to put keywords that have nothing to do with the content and are assured of a place, although that has nothing to do. While this may be counterproductive, because if the Google bot is detected, which happens in many cases, criminalizes the site in question

Cloaking :

Many webmasters program their web pages for two types of visits, a normal user, and a Google robot. This will create two types of pages, one with the largest number of keywords created for the visit of the robot that is almost unreadable and a normal user.

With this, the developers intend to fool the Google robot to position your website as high as possible, but Google is detecting these pages and of course the penalties.

Doorway :

With this technique, the webmaster encodes a page with many keywords, optimized for certain searches, with a Javascript redirect to a website using coded correctly, with the intention to cheat Google, because the robot does not recognize javascript. With this type of practice, Google can delete the whole site.

Hidden Text:

Some webmaster hides keywords by only putting the same color as the background, so the user will not be affected since the appearance of the page holds.

Mirror pages:

Duplicate pages with the same content are penalized by Google because users can reach more than once to the same information. Though 20-30% post duplicity doesn’t affect ranking, overdoing it, will make your blog/website look like a content scrapper site and Google might remove you from search.

Hidden links:

This is the most common method of trying to get backlinks by putting Hidden links. Regular users can’t see such links until they check the source code of the page, but Google does. Such links are again a big disaster for most of the bloggers. Most of the time when you use free WordPress theme or download Premium theme or plugin from torrent sites, you ended up having such hidden links in your product.  One should try downloading everything from official sites.

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There could be more reason which can lead to Google penalty. Do let us know more reasons why Google will penalize your blog.

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6 Reasons Why Google Will Penalize You
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