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Are you facing problem in doing link building for your new blog?

Building backlinks for new blog has always been a difficult task for every blogger in the blogosphere.

It is even worse for newbie bloggers who struggle a lot between time management issues, limited SEO knowledge, poor PR management etc.

If you are a starter blogger and want to strengthen your link profile here are some tips that will work wonders.

Important note: Your link profile must look natural to achieve greater results. I’ve written a very detailed guide on getting natural (safe) backlinks to any blog. Click here to read it.

How Will You Do Link Building For Your New Blog? Check Below Techniques!

6 Easy Ways To Build Backlinks For A New Blog
Whenever I build a new blog, I follow a specific routine of backlink building.

My link building strategy helps me in building Google friendly links to my new blog.

Today, I reveal my link building formula that strengthens my SEO and will help you generate some decent amount of backlinks to your blog.

1) Expert round-ups:

Expert round-ups are when you ask questions regarding a topic related to your niche to a group of people (experts in your niche). Expert round-ups are easy ways of getting backlinks to your new blog. Here is how it works.

When you ask a question to experts, most will give a positive affirmation and would answer your question. This is because the expert would get a chance of showing his expertise and increase his reach.

Now most experts link to all the pages (that had quoted or interviewed them) on their about page. This way you get a link from them.

The method:

  1. Make a list of influencers in your field.
  2. Check out their about pages for finding out if they link to content they have been quoted on.
  3. Contact them for your next round up. And congrats you got your new backlink from an influencer.

See how I crafted this wonderful round-up post here on BloggerTipsTricks

6 Easy Ways To Build Backlinks For A New Blog

Links of interviews and round-ups I found on Erik’s About Page (NoPassiveIncome.com)

2) Through blog commenting:

Blog commenting is the genius solution to many of your blogging problems.

Commenting has been the key to my networking with other bloggers.

Apart from networking and creating brand awareness for your blog, you can also use blog commenting for quality link building purposes.

Read: How to Build A Community with Blog Commenting Strategy?

The method:

  1. For this, you have to search blogs with commentluv enabled. If you do not already know Commentluv is a plugin that tracks the latest post of the commenter and places it after his comment on the blog.
  2. For more added benefits, some blogs have the settings to give you a dofollow backlink after you have passed a certain number of relevant comments. Now this is something that can give a lot of link juice to your brand new blog.
  3. Leave relevant comments with appropriate length on those blogs.
  4. Try to add value to the post you are commenting on and you will get added benefits of attracting their readers to your blog too.

3) Link exchange can give you a LOT of dofollow links:

Want to get linked by fellow bloggers?

Who doesn’t want?

Linking from contemporary blogs can increase your rankings too because Google will see it as if your content is valuable.


How fellow bloggers will link to you even if you are a newbie?

This trick will help you get backlinks from fellow bloggers easily. But, nothing comes free.

If you want to get link backs, you have to be one that would get noticed.

For that, you have to create awesome content. Content that is epic and one that would tempt others to link to you. More on awesome content later.

The Method:

  1. Write content that is problem-solving and epic.
  2. Link out to fellow bloggers who have relevant posts on the topic.
  3. Beware to link only well-recognized sites, not just any newbie site like yours.
  4. Email them and let them know you have linked them. It’s not wise to wait for them to recognize you’re linking.
  5. After they see some good activity from you, they will also start linking to your site and this way you get link backs.

4) Use ‘Ask & Get’ Formula

There is nothing wrong in asking something.

Most bloggers will agree that asking for a backlink to a piece of epic content actually does result in backlinks to it.

At least I am a living example of it.

This method is called blogger outreach.

Blogger outreach is contacting other bloggers (both fellow bloggers and influencer bloggers) to check out a piece of content that you wrote. You can ask them to link to it in a future article they write.

Beware: Your content must be worth every word you speak in your outreach message or else the recipient might tag you a spammer and never would visit your emails whatsoever.

The method:

  1. Write an awesome piece of content.
  2. Find out bloggers or influencers who write about similar topics.
  3. Mail them telling them to read it and share the content with their peers and followers. Additionally, suggest them politely to link it in their next posts based on the subject.

PRO TIP: This trick works even better if you have linked a piece of content written by the influencer blogger in your article. Mentioning that your article has a link to their content can give a positive boost to their ego and they will approve your request as a sign of courtesy.

Not all bloggers you email will reply or act on your email, but something is better than nothing.

Here is a template you can use to email your influencers:

6 Easy Ways To Build Backlinks For A New Blog


As you can see the email contains an incentive for linking to the infographics in the article. You can also offer a free incentive to all those who link to your content.

This tactic will increase the rate of positive response to your email outreach campaign.

CAUTION: Do not include the incentive topic in the emails sent to pro bloggers or influencers. They are way above your small temptations and will only link or share based on your article.

5) Interview Pro Bloggers:

This method is similar to the one I wrote in the first point, except for the fact that it focuses on one single influencer. You can contact the blogger to check if he/she is free to answer a few topics based on your theme.

If he nods positively send him the questions else rinse and repeat.

The various working interview themes are:

  1. Ask the blogger to describe his journey so far.
  2. Ask the blogger to answer a few questions based on a topic in your niche.
  3. Ask the blogger his opinion on a trending topic in your niche.

PRO TIP: Here too you should look if the interviewee blogger does link to his previous interviews anywhere in his blog. If not you would want to consider someone who does.

The next trick will give you the most number of backlinks from all of these methods combined.

6) Master the art of writing nothing but awesome content:

Awesome content is said to be one that solves the reader’s problem, or gives a new perspective to something that has not yet been discussed in the community.

For example, my article on getting traffic from Google Plus solves the blog traffic problem of my readers and gives a new insight on content marketing. People writing about content marketing or driving traffic from social media would obviously like to link to my blog post.

6 Easy Ways To Build Backlinks For A New Blog

My article got a link from David’s Blog (http://outsourceblogcontent.com/this-month-in-traffic-march-2015-google/)

PRO TIP: You could also include infographics and other visuals to make your article branded. Then you can allow your readers to use that infographics in their blogs in exchange of a backlink.

Click the image below to read guide on writing content that actually attracts links.

6 Easy Ways To Build Backlinks For A New Blog

Over to you:

So this was my post on how you can get quality backlinks to a brand new blog.

While there are other opportunities of building links like guest blogging, broken link editing from Wikipedia etc.

I have not included them as it requires time for you to learn and practice those methods.

I would suggest you to first focus on these link building strategies and then I will be writing about them in an upcoming post.

Share your link building techniques in comment section.

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