5 Working Link Building Ideas For Newbies 1

5 Working Link Building Ideas For Newbies

Link Building helps your blog to grow more popular and rank order in search engines. The overall benefit is that you get a lot of traffic to your blog and popularity grow faster. Many other bloggers has tried many ways and so have I, In this post I’ll be telling you the top 5 tips for link building for beginners. By building links, as I said you get more popularity and traffic faster.

Here are few link building ideas for you:

5 Working Link Building Ideas For Newbies

Link Exchange:

This is the best method to exchange links with other bloggers or webmasters. You can share your link with another webmaster within your niche area, and ask the person for link exchange. This is very easy, and its free, only thing that matters is the understanding between you both. You just need to ask politely the other webmaster in your niche to create a reciprocal link to you blog. The other ways in link exchange are Three-way linking and One-way linking.

5 Working Link Building Ideas For Newbies

Though ensure you don’t do the link exchange with irrelevant sites & ensure you are linking to the high quality resource. Even if the other person asks you to link to the certain page, it’s your job to ensure that page is of high-quality. Do remember, while gaining link you don’t want to make your website outbound link quality bad. A good idea is to check the domain authority of prospect site before you take an approach.

Though, this type of link-building is recommended for those who understand SEO better, else it might backfire due to Google Penguin update.

Buying links from popular sites:

This could be hard for a newbie blogger, but yet still its brings you traffic to your site. Here you need to contact the person of a popular blog and advertise your link through banner or a direct link on his site. If you are going to buy links to your site, then make it look simple and natural, other wise Google may penalize you.

Guest posting:

This is the best way of getting links to your site with less of stupidity. If you are very good in writing or publishing your post, then write on a topic and let it be unique and publish it on a very popular site. If approved you’ll get a massive amount of traffic, which you wouldn’t have imagined. Just as in life, guest posting always works nice and easy.

Forum posting:

If you are about to use this method by getting links to your site through forums, then you can get a list of Dofollow forums. You can insert your link as the signature and every comment you make inside the forum, can fetch you backlink.

Article Marketing:

This method allows you to get a single-way backlink to your site, and get a good ranking in search engines. If you are really good in producing good informative and unique articles, then this could be your way to get backlinks to your site.

Did you like this post tell me more and share your other ideas of gathering backlinks to your site.

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5 Working Link Building Ideas For Newbies
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